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I must apologize, for the blog disappearing act. The hubs had to upgrade some server stuff (stuff I don’t understand), so I wasn’t able to post anything for a while, nor were folks able to access the site. Thanks for all your patience and for blog readers/visitors who emailed me about your inability to access the patterns and for waiting.

The most exciting update that I have is that I FINALLY finished editing Twister and posted it for sale on Ravelry. I’m still working on adding more, but please do visit my Ravelry Pattern Store, where you can find Twister for sale, and some of my free patterns on a handy and pretty pdf download.

I also reformatted and added new instructions for the Yarn Swift on a pdf. The formatted pdf swift pattern is only $1.99 and contains an extra set of instructions for a lazy susan swift not available in the html version. Don’t worry, the html version is still available on this blog for free, but I decided to charge the miniscule amount for the pdf version because of the time it took to reformat (not to mention all the hours spent writing it in the first place), and hopefully, it’ll help pay for some of the website fees.

For non-Ravelers, I also posted Twister for sale on my Etsy shop. Hopefully, soon I will be able to figure out how to post the pattern for sale on the blog as well. I guess I have to learn really quickly how to do that.


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Argh! I have spent the past day and a half unhappy. I put out free patterns for people to use because I want people to use them for their personal enjoyment. You’ll also notice that there is a very clear copyright notice and statement at the bottom of each page. What part of “personal use ONLY” do people not understand? Crafters who sell their crafts even on a small scale should be aware of what a basic copyright means. Even people who don’t sell, knows. Now, granted the depth of knowledge can vary.

Prompted by a request by someone asking me to grant him permission to sell swifts based on my yarn swift pattern for a very very small royalty for every one he sells, I decided to look on a certain website to see if other people were not so kind and did NOT even bother to request permission. Lo and behold, what did I find?

I found 2 sellers on this not-to-be-named website. One seller just listed this month and has not sold any swifts. This first person has altered the design a little (changed the look of the base), but it still eerily resembles my pattern and the options I discuss and provide in it. The second person, has sold about 20 swifts. I would say about 98% of it looks like the ones in my photos and the construction definitely is a spitting image of my design. The only thing that the second person didn’t do is put in the CD that I used as a stabilizer in Version 1. You actually don’t even need a CD, stabilizer or block spacer if you have nice tools that drill straight, but if you don’t you’ll need one. I think I may have mentioned this in a previous blog post or in the pattern itself.

I’m still on the fence right now about reporting the first seller. (edit 2/14/08, 1:59pm: I should note that the reason is that I was on the fence about it at the time of my blog post although it is similar, I do realize that it is possible that people can come up with similar ideas and designs. When I woke up this morning, I have decided not to do anything about the first seller, because I think the design is different enough that I don’t think that this person used my plans.) However, I just shot off a notice to the second seller to remove all listings, and I reported it to the administrators of the website.

This has thrown me off a little because, though I know logically that there are always people who choose not to care about someones creative right, I chose not to believe it in my heart because I so love the knitting community and most of the people I have met through this community.

I do have some plans to sell swifts from my pattern at some point, but I don’t have the tools or the time right now, especially since Aubrey and I are still working hard at Handicraft Cafe, which should be launched in the beta phase very very soon. We hope to be able to contract with someone to produce the swifts for us to sell. But this is not the reason for me getting upset about these people selling swifts. It’s the fact that they are trying to sell and pass something off as their own design. Now, if they want to design their own easy-to-make, cost-effective and portable swift and then sell it, by all means they should — just come up with their own plans and ideas! The other upsetting part of it is that I spent a lot of time writing and revising it so that people will benefit and be able to use it, and their violation of that is disheartening.

Oh- please be advised that no part of this post may be printed or distributed without my expressed written permission. This post is for your personal and non-commercial use only. 🙂

On a happier and related note, I just reformatted the swift pattern onto pdf in my new layout and included the long-awaited instructions for making it on a Lazy Susan! If you are on Ravelry, here is the link. If you are not, again, I am sorry, you will have to wait. I have plans to reorganize this website and don’t want to have to upload and rearrange it twice later.

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Ahoy! Being that today is talk like a pirate day (whoever came up with that??), I decided to go with the them and post my skull sock pattern that I designed for my sister.

I put in instructions for a men’s size, and although I think it’s correct, please be forewarned that I have not yet tested it.

I don’t think I possess any pirate energy in me, but perhaps it’s dormant. You see, after reading some historical studies on Taiwan, a part of me wants to believe that I am descended from pirates. Whether that can be really be established or verified is another issue. However, consider this: I belong to the 10th recorded generation, which would date us back to the 15th-16th century. Historical information shows that many pirates used the island during the Ming Dynasty and some had later settled. In the 1600s, after driving away the Portugese, the Dutch established colonial posts and ruled the island. Pirates still surrounded the island, so the Dutch entered a treaty to ensure the safety of their ships with a pirate leader. According to “Island in the Stream,” a pirate subordinate with my last name led a revolt with the people of the island in 1652.

I don’t know if anyone in my family will be able to give me more information, but I do like the idea that there’s a possibility that there are pirates in our past. I mean, saying that you’re descended from pirate explorers does have a nice ring to it – it’s exciting, isn’t it?

Pirate fantasies aside, my next fantasy is that Knitty will select my pattern for their winter issue. Maybe the third time is the charm. I can’t post a photo or the pattern that I submitted, while it’s being reviewed, and I don’t want to jinx it too much. But I guess it’s safe to say that I submitted a versatile knitting accessory that can be adapted for both men and women. I knitted it in one of my favorite fibers — an alpaca and silk blend. yum!

I’m also happy to announce that I recently sold the yarn swift that I had made for a joint Etsy and Instructables contest. A very lovely woman purchased it for her daughter’s birthday.

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Worldly Swift Love

Recently, I’ve received a bunch of requests for permission to publish the content of my homemade swift instructions. The first request was made by the West Toronto Knit and Crochet Guild’s president, Terry, who wanted to print the instructions and the link in their guild newsletter, Ravellings. The second request was made by the editor of a knitting newsletter, The Smart Knitter, who asked me to write an article about how I came up with the idea to make my own swift.

In June, I received a very nice merci beaucoup with a link to the yarn swift Nath made from my instructions. I wish I understood French, because it appears to be a nicely organized and written blog. Look at all the pictures of the lovely FOs! Then about 1 month later, I received a request from Michel, a webmaster for a French spinning forum, to link the pattern instructions. Of course I said yes. I’ve noticed people linking, but never had I received such a nice request.

Way back in April, Susan from Canada sent me a photo of her yarn swift, to which her dad made and adapted using a small lazy susan from around the house. (side note: I found some lazy susan hardware several months ago and have been meaning to put up another yarn swift version using the hardware. But as usual, I’ve been procrastinating. Maybe next month.)

Although not related to swifts, I want to highlight Gloria (?), a Brazilian blogger, who I found while perusing my blog visitors’ sites. One certainly does not need to read Portuguese to admire and appreciate amazing ginormous crochet lace projects like this and this.

I’m so glad that people are able to make their own swifts!

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This is amazing. I started this blog because it was a vehicle for me to document and show off my stuff, since I’m away from a lot of my friends. I did not expect or hope for much from the blogging, except maybe that I would get a few visitors.

Since I’ve started, I have “met” many nice, creative and interesting people and have had many visitors. A couple of weeks ago, I “met” Julie, who emailed me to thank me for my yarn swift how-to. Her friend made her one from my instructions, saving her from ever having to wind her yarns on a chair back again. Her thoughtful thank you note was already more than enough. It’s always nice knowing that people are enjoying the stuff I put out there on the www, whether they post a blog comment, or talk about it in forums or in their own blogs.

Anyway, Julie went above and beyond and sent me some lovely gifts:

A Snow Patrol snow globe! Isn’t that wild? I would never have thought that a rock band would have snow globes, but then when you think of the name of the band, it makes sense!

Julie also sent me a tour book. Now I actually have decent pictures to remember the concert.

Again, THANK YOU JULIE. *hugs*

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After a lot of hard work, I just finished updating my homemade yarn swift plans, complete with photos and detailed instructions for each step. Here‘s the link to the swift pattern/plan. Because I’ve been staring at this for a while, I may have missed some typos/errors. If you see any, please let me know! For those of you who’ve been waiting for this, especially those of you who emailed me for the insturctions, thanks for being patient! Enjoy!

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Wow. I never expected so many emails in such a short time! A few months ago, I disabled the link to my instructions on how to make your own yarn swift for under $10-15, but not the uploaded file, so nothing happened. I really didn’t expect anything to happen because people could still access the file through a saved link or an internet search. However, about a week and a half ago, I deleted the uploaded pdf file from the server. Wow. In this short time, I have received emails from several people requesting the swift instructions, stating that they could no longer find or access the link.

If you are looking for the instructions, I am revising the instructions and will be reposting in the patterns section of this blog. I should have it back up soon, so check back in a couple of weeks. Sorry for any inconveniences.

From my infrequent traffic checks, I know that many people come to this blog from an internet search on “how to make yarn swift” or through a link from other bloggers. I also know that in the past, my instructions were recommended on Knitter’s Review and other forums. Thanks for all those that recommended and linked the instructions. 🙂 Hmmm…I should check who’s visiting and linking to this blog more often.

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