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Just because it’s Friday! Get $1 off any of the following patterns: Pfeiffer Falls, Haiku, Remy, Anacortes, Friday Harbor and Lakedale.

You don’t have to enter any codes. The discount is automatically taken when you shop from Crafty Diversions or from my Ravelry store. The sale will end on Halloween, Oct 31, 2011.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



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My cat struck again. This time she pulled my Remy project out of my bag.  I know I’m a little more careless when it’s not yarn for the shop or a Top Secret project for a book, magazine or yarn company, but still…

Speaking of Remy…

I’m doing the Remy KAL on Ravlery and have finally selected some stash yarn for it.  It was much easier than what I had originally planned: dye some yarn for the project.

This Remy is for my very good friend Edgar, who is actually close to getting written off the “good friend” list if he tries to call me to rub in some Jamaican or some fancy Napa Valley trip he won through work (he’s in wine sales) again. You see, he calls me to feign some sort of dread and complaint “Oh woe be me, I’m so stressed that I get to drink special reserve wine all day” or “Oh I am so frustrated that I have to go on a cruise and have no idea what to pack.” The worst part? He doesn’t even take me with him.  Me, who has put up with his crap for over 10 years now. I used to cook for him all the time too.  hmph!  Who cares about his girlfriend? I’ve stuck by him longer and he really can’t say that about his other friends.  Edgar, are you reading this?  See what a good friend I am? You are getting a hand-knit scarf with some good alpaca/merino yarn AND it’s one-of-a kind AND I designed the pattern!

For Edgar’s Remy, I’m actualy modifying it a little from the original pattern.  I omitted the seed stitches between the pattern repeats because I really wanted something that I didn’t have to think about for once. Also, Edgar lives in Houston, which is hot most of the time, and he doesn’t really need anything that wide.

My Secret Projects

The secret projects I’ve been working on in the last several weeks are finally all done and sent off to the publisher.  If all goes well, you will see it in Spring 2010. One is a garment and one is an accessory. As with all projects and designs for 3rd parties, I have to keep things a secret and cannot reveal details or photos.  I can only give you small hints and teasers like these:

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I am very happy to announce that the Fall 2009 issue of Knitscene has finally been released officially!  My local Border’s and Barnes & Noble bookstores just have to follow the rules and not put out the magazines on the shelves until the actual release date. The suck don’t they? This is especially torturous when I see people from other parts of the U.S. posting that they snagged a copy from their local bookstore and/or LYS before the release date. ::hrumph! I don’t want to admit that my local stores are right in following the release date rules.::

Remy is why I was so eager to see this new issue of Knitscene. Isn’t it cool? Remy is no ordinary scarf pattern! It is a reversible cable. Furthermore, the cables are not just reversible in the sense that it looks attractive on both sides, Remy sports an entirely different cable pattern on each side!

I took a couple of screen captures of my design from Knitscene‘s previews.  If you’d like to see the other wonderful designs in this issue, you can see them here.

Screen capture of www.Knitscene.com on July 21, 2009

Screen capture on July 21, 2009 from http://www.knitscene.com/issue/Fall-2009-Projects.asp

initial prototype of Remy in a darker yarn

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