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This morning, I picked up my friend Holly and we drove from our homes in North Orange County, California to Santa Clara for Stitches West. We made really good time and the weather seemed to cooperate with us until we were about 2 hours away from our destination, when a few rainstorms slowed us down. However, all and all, the drive was beautiful and we saw 2 rainbows, which I managed to capture while I drove.  Our total drive time was about 6 hours.



We went straight to the convention center for the preview market, only open to registered students. During the preview market, I was a guest at the Unwind booth (#1245), where they carry and showcase my patterns, including the full line of patterns from the Liberation collection. Unwind had all the samples worked up in Sweet Georgia yarn. I will do another guest appearance at the Unwind booth on Saturday from 10-12.


L to R: Laura (wearing Amelia Earhart), Stephanie (wearing Elizabeth Zimmermann) and Suzanne (wearing Barbara G. Walker) of Unwind (booth 1245 at stitches), a wonderful LYS in Burbank


My hat patterns worked up in Sweet Georgia yarn on display at the Unwind Yarn booth at Stitches West 2011. Left: Elizabeth Zimmermann cloche, Right: Alice Paul

In preparation for Stitches, I printed and sleeved several patterns for Unwind and Anzula (booth #840). Anzula is also selling several patterns from Liberation, but they are also selling kits of the hats. I’ll be a guest at Anzula’s booth tomorrow from 10-12, Saturday from 4-6 and Sunday from 10-11. I also made promo things, including these buttons:


I brought over 100 buttons, but I am quickly running out, especially "posse" with the black sheep. I didn't expect them to be so popular! The posse buttons were inspired by a joke with my friends that then somehow made it to some fun bantering with Benjamin of XRX on Twitter. Benjamin is now officially part of my posse and I have several witnesses to his induction! 😉 So, if you are at Stitches and want to be part of my posse, come find me to get a button before I totally run out!

Tomorrow promises to be even more stimulating and exciting. One of the events that I’m really looking forward to attending and participating in is the Pajama Party. There will be awesome door prizes! I had already planned to donate a special limited edition printing of the Liberation ebook and enough yarns for 2 hats, but then the gears in my head started turning and I thought how wonderful it would be if my friends at Unwind and Anzula joined me and we collectively contribute to make a even bigger prize. Also donating is another California based artist, Slipped Stitch Studios. (Anzula is based in Fresno, while Unwind, Slipped Stitch Studios and I are all based in Southern California.) This fabulous door prize is a great example of what you can accomplish when you and your friends put your heads together:

SW2011 pj party-AKL


Stitches West 2011 posts:

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After several months of knitting, writing and hard work, I am pleased to announce the release the first of 6 hat knitting patterns from my Liberation Collection.

Here is Amelia Earhart:


Above: Shown in Shibui Knits Sock in Periwinkle with a flower accessory. Modeled by one of my new sample knitters, Jean.

Above: Shown with a buckle accessory. The red one is also Shibui Knits sock in Chinese Red. I’m eating a sock-shaped donut at Knit/Purl in Portland. I visited the shop when Iwent to Sock Summit. The proprietor of the LYS, Darcy, is also the same woman behind Shibui Knits! If you’re ever in Portland, I recommend visiting the shop and all the lovely ladies that work there, like the Sandy.

Right now, I am offering the Amelia Pattern for an early bird price of $5.25.  After the early bird period is over (about 1 month from now), the price will be $6. So, hurry and don’t miss out!  If you are on my mailing list, I will be sending out a newsletter within the next week or two and there will be a special code in addition to the early bird price.  Also, I have already started putting up the tutorial for this pattern.

Buy the Amelia Earhart Pattern Now at the early bird price: $5.25

Add to Cart View Cart

The whole Liberation Collection is also available as an ebook.  Presale for this is currently available.  With the presale, you will receive the most updated file todate. Then as I release each pattern (at about a 2-4 week span), you will receive updated versions of the file via email.  And finally, when all the patterns are released, you will receive a final file with all the pages and patterns.

The Liberation ebook is also available for sale at an early bird price of $16. Regular price, after all the individual patterns in the collection are released, will be $18.

Buy the Liberation ebook Now at the early bird presale price of $16

Add to Cart View Cart

And last but certainly not least, I really could not have finished this pattern or the collection without the help of my test knitters, sample knitter, friends who listened to me drone on about the patterns, tech editor and of course, Shibui Knits!

Also, don’t forget to queue and favorite Amelia on Ravelry. 🙂 Thanks! I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects.

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Luminary Panel

I my last post, I signed off with a little talk about the wonderful luminaries of the Luminary Panel at the Sock Summit.  The Panel presentation was held in a very large ballroom. When I mean large, I mean large –  I tried to walk around the giant room to document it so that you can see all the people that were crammed into it!!

Happy Birthday EZ!

It just so happened that the Sunday was also the great Elizabeth Zimmerman’s birthday.  So after the luminary panel and as part of the closing ceremony, we celebrated her birthday. Of course, it was only fitting that Meg Swansen cut her mother’s cake.

After a the cake cutting, with the urging, behest and support of Kristie and Denise, I went over to talk to the great Barbara Walker.

You see, I’m working on a hat collection that will be released in late October/early November. All the hats in the collection will be named after notable women who lived in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. So, since Barbara Walker has made great contributions not only to the knitting world with her Treasury series and Knitting from the Top, she has also made great contributions to women and society through her feminist and religious writings.  (Did you know that she was named “Humanist Heroine” in 1993 by The American Humanist Association and received the “Women Making Herstory” award from the New Jersey chapter of the National Organization for Women in 1995?

Anyway, I talked to the honorable Ms. Walker and told her about my project. I explained that I would love to name one of the hats after her, through my beating heart and bumbling words, I managed to convey that I would like her to pick out “her” hat.  And she did!! Squeeee!

After talking to Barbara, Denise suggested that I name one of the other hats after Elizabeth Zimmerman. Good Idea Denise!! How do I select which hat to name after EZ?  Ask Meg Swansen of course!! So I did!

With Meg Swansen and my presentation sheet for my hat collection. The hat in the orange is the one that Meg chose and signed for Elizabeth Zimmerman. Woohoo!

Sunday was the best Sock Summit day evah!! I was sad to see it end.


Later in the evening, my friend Sherri and her beau took me out to eat at a really cool local hideaway (was it called Maverick? I don’t remeber), where they’re known not only for their good food, but also for their aluminum foil doggie bag sculptures.  I ordered a fantastic tiger shrimp jambalya downed a awesomely spicy bloody Mary, and left with a little foil squirrel. While there I spotted some other foil sculptures: crab, fat man, 5 foot tall bird of paradise and a swan.

After dinner, we went to a really cool dessert and wine bar called Pix.  Every single dessert looked so scrumptious and decadent – it took me about 30 minutes to decide!  I forgot the name of my dessert, but it was a chocolate lover’s heaven: hazelnuts, a little orange, dark chocolate mousse and a lovely shell.  I got so excited by its beauty and taste that I forgot to photograph it.

Before we left, I bought 3 yummy desserts to bring back to Denise and Kristie, who were too pooped to join use for dinner and dessert.  They got a little bruised during transport, but they still tasted so yummy. nom nom nom.  Left to right: A creme brulee chocolate tart; A dark chocolate shell with gold dust filled with chocolate mousse on a hazelnut base; a lime and citrus cake with lime and raspberry mousse.

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It should be no surprise that my friends and I were all a little tired and pooped out Sunday morning.  I was especially tired, since I only had 2.5 hours of sleep prior to boarding my early morning flight on Saturday, and I didn’t go to bed until about 2am Saturday night.

Stumptown & Knit/Purl

Because Aubrey and I had been to Portland before, and Kristie had no classes Sunday morning, we played mini tour guides and took her to Stumptown for a cup o’ joe. And even after our incessant talking-up about Stumptown’s coffee, Kristie was not at all disappointed. Duh! It’s hands down, the. best. coffee. ever.

After coffee, we walked over to Knit/Purl to say hello to the wonderful ladies there.  I have met and usually talk to Sandi, who is also the main “face” of ShiBui at events and trade shows, but she wasn’t there since she was working the Knit/Purl booth at the SS market. I did, however, finally meet Darcy, the proprietor of Knit/Purl and the owner of ShiBui yarns.  I wore Amelia Earhart (a design due to be released in November) and was quite flattered by Darcy’s admiration and interest in it.  Of course I pointed out that Amelia Earhart was knit out of their yarn.

Anyway, Knit/Purl is a cute store that is very well lit and organized, with plenty of yummies to drool over.  Sunday morning, there wa some else extra to drool over: yummy sock-shaped donuts from Voodoo Doughnut!  Apparently, Knit/Purl gave Voodoo a sock-shaped cookie cutter and they custom ordered the yummies.

And of course we have to take goofy sock-donut-eating photos!

Sock Summit Shopping and Luminary Panel

After are mini field trip, we headed back to the SS market to do some more shopping and perusing.  I purchased some delicious bag of yak and tussah silk roving from Crown Mountain Farms for Zona.  It was SOOOOO hard not to get some for myself.  I restricted myself to purchasing the fiber for myself until I (a) resume spinning again, (b) get a little better and (c) use up the pounds of fiber that I already have.  The yak/silk was so petworthy that I almost did not give it to Zona, and aside from some extra fondling, I showed some restraint and did gift it to her.

Later in the afternoon, Aubrey, Kristie and I met up with Denise and attended the awesome Luminary Panel. The living legends of knitting were all present:

Except for one person, who I found to be a little attention-seeking and annoying, everyone on the panel was engaging, eloquent and just a joy to have the opportunity to hear what they have to say.  Meg Swansen was  quite funny and personable; Nancy Bush exuded this calm Zen quality and you just could not help but be captivated by every word she uttered; Oh, and Barabara Walker! The great and very accomplished Ms. Walker (wiki on her) also had a nice funny bone, was very humble, adorable and just superb. I could go on and on about all these very notable and wonderful women.  I am so very glad that I made the decision to go if just based on this experience alone.

The luminary panel, above, from L to R: Lucy Neatby, Cat Bordhi, Deborah Robson, Anna Zilboorg, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, Tina of BMFA (moderator), Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (moderator), Meg Swansen, Barbara Walker, Judith MacKenzie-McCuin, and Nancy Bush. (click photos to enlarge)

Next Post: More about the Luminary Panel, Closing Ceremonies, some swag, and some yummy desserts.

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I would like to seek some suggestions from folks about some pattern names. If I end up selecting a name based on one of your suggestions, you get bragging rights and I will give you a free pattern of your choosing. 🙂

I’m working on small mini collection of cute & modern hats which I will plan to offer as a mini e-book and also as individual patterns. Right now I think there will be 5 hats total (maybe 6).

For the naming, I would like to stick with a 1920-1930s era theme. Each individual hat will be named after notable women who lived and made some sort of impact to society around that time. Here’s what I have so far:

None of those names are set in stone, except for Amelia Earhart. I just did some cursory research for it so that I could send a proposal to someone. Any additional ideas or suggestions certainly welcome!
A sneak preview of Amelia Earhart, one of the hats in the Liberation collection.

A sneak preview of Amelia Earhart, one of the hats in the Liberation collection.

I’ve already posted this in my new Ravlery group: Crafty Diversions.  A few great suggestions have already been made, which certainly won’t make the name selection any easier for me,  but I continue to welcome them. I think picking a good name for a pattern, particularly with this theme, should be an important part of my design process. So keep them coming folks!

You can make your suggestion via comments here, via Twitter @AnneKuoLukito,  Ravelry or email.  Thanks in advance!

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…on purpose.

I’ve been working on a secret project.  Well, it’s not so much a secret as I’m not ready to reveal all the details of it yet.  Part of the project requires making a decorative band or belt.  There are 2 ways to do this: work the band/belt on straight needles or work it in the round. I prefer working in the round, even if the diameter of the tube will be small because if you knit in Stockinette, the edges will curl, making it a little difficult and annoying to seam it into a tube.

However, I hate long dpns.  All I have in US1 (2.25mm) are 6″ (15cm) bamboo dpns from a Clover lot that I purchased off of Ebay years ago — definitely too long to work a small 1″ (2.5cm) tube.  So, I cut 2 needles in half and filed both ends until they were sharp and pointy, but not so sharp that I could bleed. (Though, if I did bleed, the color of my prototype sample is Chinese Red, so it would be camouflaged.  hehehe).

I’ve done this several other times to my wood or bamboo needles. If I end up with some extras, I cut them down to make cable needles, since those are things that I always lose.  I also am known to file down most of my needle tips to make them sharper and pointier, since the Clovers I have are waaaay too dull. My secret confession is that I want to kill all my Clover circular needles. Even though I have already made improvements on most of the tips by filing them to a sharper point, I still hate the cords.

What I really want is to buy this awesomeness for myself, and change all my needles out to Addi Turbo and Lace, but the thrifty Taiwanese girl in me cannot wipe out the echo of my parents’ voices in my head “Don’t waste. You already have some perfectly usable needles.

My current needles are a mix of the Clover Ebay lot, various Addi circulars in both Lace and Turbo, some awesome swivel cord bamboo ones from Chiaogoo, and some random vintage straight needles I got from a garage sale score.  All needle types have a purpose, but my top circular needle are Addi Lace, Addi Turbo, Chiaogoo stainless steel, and the Chiaogoo dark patina swivel cord.  Yes, all the ones I really like are sold at the shop.  There are some other needle brands that are good, but right now, we’re limited to what inventory we can stock, so why not just stock the ones we absolutely love first?

Click HERE for the DIY Needles Tutorial.

Note: Between drafting this post a little over a week ago and it’s scheduled publishing date, I finished the secret project. 🙂 I looks great.  Here’s a sneak preview:

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