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Using a random number generator, the winners for the I’m a Klutz Pattern Giveaway are….
::drum roll:

  1. jmywest@….
  2. Ilythya
  3. Emmy/ xcupidxstuntx@…
  4. Neraulia
  5. Knitmeahamster
  6. Luminea
  7. Bekbek
  8. Silverlotus
  9. Ilythya
  10. Ruth/ Ruth@…
  11. Pikkle
  12. Veggie
  13. Knitmeahamster
  14. Knitticism

Congrats to all of you!!  Winners are ranked according to the order in which the number generator spit out the numbers. jmywest will have top pick of the 14 patterns available, then Ilythya and so forth. Unfortunately, Knitticism will get the leftover pickings. The top five winners will also be able to pick one new, unklutzified pattern of their choosing.

If You Are a Winner….

  1. Send me your mailing address, and don’t forget to give me your real name too. Top 5 winners: please also give me your Ravelry name if you would like the bonus pattern to go into your Ravelry library.
  2. Email me your pattern preferences. Giving me a range would be very helpful in case the one you want is claimed by someone of a higher rank than you.
  3. Also, I’ll be listing the winners and linking your Ravelry name (or website) in my next newsletter/posting to my mailing list. So if you have a site you want me to link to, let me know.

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I brought my portfolio along with me to Sock Summit and I kept it in my tote bag along with my water bottle, which contained a tiny bit of tea in it. Of course I am brilliant and did not screw the bottle cap tightly enough. Thus, the tea leaked into the bottom of my bag. 😦

These got a little wet and stained in the top left corner.

Several of the hardcopy printed patterns in the portfolio got a little damp and tea-stained at either the top right or the top left corner. Some are barely noticeable, some a little moreso, and some have a little bit of color transfer in the area where it was wet because I backed the patterns with black cardstock inside the portfolio,  but they are otherwise in great condition. Nonetheless, I can no longer use them as portfolio samples. I could sell them at a little discount for being “hurt,” but I think I’d rather give them away!

People always like giveaways right?  The giveaway includes 14 patterns – one each of Arrrgyle Skullcap, Buccaneer’s Booty, Audra, Carmen Bolero, Fu Lantern, Liana, Lillian Cardigan, Mermaid, Orinoco, Pacifica, Pfeiffer Falls, Rio Dances in the Sand, Threesome, and Twister. And, I will throw in a second bonus non-klutzified perfect condition pattern for the 5 of the lucky 14, which will also be selected and drawn at random. That’s giving away over $80 worth of patterns! You can find more details about each pattern here.

The black cardstock transferred a little bit of color to the backs of the ones that got a little wetter.

How to Get the Patterns: talk about the patterns! You can talk about it on your blog, make a comment on mine, or talk about it on Ravelry (of course don’t violate any Ravelry or group posting rules). You can do a review, say what you’d do to modify it for yourself, suggest it to someone who might be looking for a specific type of pattern, or whatever strikes your fancy, etc. If you talk about any of the patterns on your blog, do a trackback blog post link or link my blog/site. I am able to see referral site statistics from my blog/site, and if a pattern is hotlinked in the Rav forums, I see those stats too. Earburning me works too. And if you’re not sure that I’ll see it, you can add a comment to a blog post letting me know that you posted.  If you choose to post on Ravelry, because it appears there are more than 3-4 patterns named Carmen and Lillian, the hotlink works better if you type “Carmen Bolero” and “Lillian Cardigan.” I *heart* modern technology.

These got a little wet and stained in the top right corner.

How Winners Will Be Selected: The contest period commenced on Aug. 11, 2009 and will end on Sept. 30, 2009. To make selecting and tracking easier, I’m checking the Rav and my stats everyday. I copy the username and/or referrer’s blog onto a running list organized chronologically and by date and source. I’ll then select the winners using a random number generator/picker. 🙂 Multiple mentions and posts count separately. The first selected will have top pick as to which pattern she wants, then the 2nd person, then the 3rd, and so forth. I’ll snail mail the patterns to the winners. The 14 winners’ names will go into another random drawing for the additional 5 bonus patterns.

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I’m happy to announce that some of my patterns are now on Patternfish!  So you have another option or source to purchase one of my knitting patterns. So far, I’ve listed Orinoco, Carmen, Audra, and Pacifica.  I also plan to add Twister, Arrrgyle Skullcap and Fu Lantern as well.  You an find information, additional photos and details about all my patterns, both magzine/book published and self-published on my Patterns Page.

If you’re not already aware, Patternfish is an excellent site where you can purchase PDF patterns.  Patternfish incoporates a great searchable database that allows you to search for patterns with very specific parameters.  For example, let’s say you want to knit a hooded cardigan, but you don’t want to bother with set-in sleeves, would like it to be something fairly simple with a V-neck.  Through Patternfish, you can check “cardigan” under the Garment/Item Type, then go to Technique/Styles and click “knit/purl,” “raglan,” and “hood.”  You can refined it much more, but with the aforementioned attributes, Patternfish comes up with 2 pages of patterns that fit the bill.

Here’s a description from their site:

“We intend to offer everything: new, old, indie, corporate, vintage, modern, classic, and offbeat, from all over the world. We currently have 3377 patterns from the United States, Canada, Britain, New Zealand, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Ireland, France, and Turkey. We’re looking to broaden that base as much as we can.”

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Arrr!!  Don’t you want to get in touch with your inner rebel? Arrrgyle Skullcap is the perfect hat to express yourself.

The inspiration for the pattern came when I was shopping for some argyle socks for my sister. Next to the argyle socks were another pair of socks that had some skull motifs.  Skulls and argyle are two of her most favorite patterns, so the lightbulb in my head just went off.  I then ran home and dug through my bucket of leftover and scrap yarns for the prototype.  Several revisions,  test knitters and 1.5 years later, here it is!

I actually designed and finished the pattern a looong time ago, but I delayed its release because I kept going back and editing the pattern. In particular, I kept playing with the colors and symbols in the chart.  I wanted a palette that would be eye-pleasing, but one that would print well on a black and white printer as well.

sample images from the actual pattern

sample images from the actual pattern

or browse for my other patterns.

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Aubrey and I heart Cat Bordhi. How can you not love a knitting genius who is a little eccentric (in a good way)?  You have to be a little eccentric to be obssessed with knitting and trying to figure out new techniques and problems all the time.

At last year’s TNNA, we both took some of her sock classes.  I don’t particularly enjoy knitting socks and after taking Cat’s class last year, I do have some slightly increased interest in it.  I just have so many other things in my head that socks are in the very back of the queue.

SATURDAY, January 17, 2009

Aubrey, Cat Bordhi and Me

This year, Aubrey and I took a Cat class together. It was more business oriented, and she talked about writing and kitting up patterns.  After showing her a Handicraft Café pattern (Threesome) and one of my Crafty Diversions patterns (Twister), I felt all warm and fuzzy because she complimented me on the layout and layout design.  However, really can’t take all the credit because the very talented Anna of Anaphase Studios did the logo and layout design.

Saturday was the first Market day. So, after our class and photo-op, Aubrey and I headed to the exhibit floor. We first made a beeline to get a ticket for a book signing.  In some of the booths, in order to get an autographed copy of a book, you have to get a ticket an hour prior to the scheduled signing.  The tickets are limited in number and the rule “you snooze, you lose” definitely applies.

On the way down to the market floor, the extraodinarily talented Stepfanie Japel of Glampyre Knits, and author of Fitted Knits and Glam Knits, was in front of us on the escalator and she commented on my Morgan.  She said that she hadn’t see one made as well as the one I was wearing.  Well, I had to fess up that though it was my pattern, the sample I was wearing was knit by a good friend of mine.  (I had Zona knit my orange Morgan in a medium size. The one I made and was shown on Knitty was a large and a little too big for my head.) Nonetheless, I felt lots of warm fuzzies after the escalator encounter.

One of the book signings we attended was for Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic.  As she was signing my book, she said “Hey, I recognize that hat,” and proceeded to tell me that she had my hat in her queue. As a new designer, I cannot express how exciting and wonderful it feels to have established and well-known designers like Stefanie and Wendy compliment your work.  Squeeee!

with Chrissy Gardiner

A must-visit booth on our list was Gardiner Yarn Works, the booth of fabulous designer Chrissy Gardiner, who has designed for yarn companies and has been published in many magazines such as Interweave Knits.  Kristie, who also tests and sample knits for Chrissy finally was able to meet her in person.  We purchased some of Chrissy’s new patterns for the shop, such as her Kiwassa shawl, to add to some of our other favorite Gardiner Yarn Works patterns, such as the Autumn in Oregon Socks and Ballerina Slippers. One of the more exciting developments is that Aubrey will be working with Chrissy to see about getting her patterns and other patterns from her pattern line on our site as downloadable PDFs!

One of the cutest things in the Gardiner Yarn Works pattern line is this cutie:

Whoot! Whoot!

Whoot! Whoot!

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Ok, it’s 1:47 2:20 a.m.  I’m taking a small break from running around because my back is killing me.  It got worse from sitting in the hub’s office/disaster room trying to print stuff from a very very very crowded and non-ergonimic set-up  (those who have seen the Tasmanian Devil tornado trails that hubs can leave know what I am talking about) with a computer that is been really really slow and about to die, but it’s the only one connected to our laser printer.

I was printing out some patterns, my creative/knitting vitae (which I re-did and made it all pretty), and was putting together my design portfolio. I’m mainly going for Handicraft Cafe, but I also want to make the most of it and see if I can do some more networking with yarn companies on the design side of things.

One of the patterns that I printed up is my Aaargyle Skullcap. I finished it a long time ago, but just didn’t quite get the formatting done.  Right now, the lovely Kate of Freckle Faced Knitter is doing the test-knitting.  I’ve already done it, and my good friend Zona of Twirl Girl Fibers and Amy of Funckie Dunckie Knits have already test-knitted. However, it’s been a while, so I really wanted to triple and quadruple check, so it’s getting tested again.  🙂

Anyway, I still have not packed.  I have gathered all the things I think I need in random places and piles around the house. Well, at least I think I have…

Aubrey (picked  her up at the airport tonight) and I are going to aim to leave for San Diego by 8:30 a.m.  I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t need too much sleep. Time to get my arse up and go pack!

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