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After lots of delays and procrastination, I finally updated and added more photos to the Morgan Tutorial page, which you can access through here.

The update includes lots of photos showing you how to work the turning of the crown and the peak (bill) of the hat.


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I just updated the FAQ page for Morgan some more, which you can access here.  I just added a mini-tutorial within the FAQ page on how to create the M1R and the most invisible increase for the hat.  I aslo added some information on inserting the peak stabilizer.

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I am happy to announce that I think I am still on cloud 9 from all the positive feedback I have received thus far regarding Morgan. For you Raveler’s, here’s the Ravelry pattern page.

I am working on some FAQs for the pattern for all the people planning on knitting it. I’ve had several people message me with some questions about gauge, yarn subs and printing the peak template. So far, as of 2:05 p.m. PST, the Ravelry queue is at 328.

If you have any questions or things you’d like to see addressed in the FAQ, please let me know via email, Ravelry, or leave a comment. So far, I plan to have FAQ entries on the following:

  • Why the pattern gauge is different from the yarn label gauge? Why is gauge important in this pattern?
  • What types of yarn might be a good substitute?
  • My browser/imaging program seems to be resizing the peak template link. What’s the best way to print it?
  • I want to do this for a child. How do i do it? (not sure if this will be in the FAQ or elsewhere, but Zona aka TwirlGirlFIbers is trying to figure this out for us! We’re thinking of doing it in a different gauge/yarn calculated based on percentages.)

ETA, Sept. 13, 2008: I just updated and created the FAQ page for the pattern, which you can access through this link.

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It’s great to finally see my name in print! While in class today (I am taking a jewelry fabrication and clothing construction class for fun), Zona called to tell me that the new Fall Knitty was just released today.

Why would she call to tell me that besides the fact that Knitty is just pure joy? Because of this:

While I have several other patterns that were accepted for publication prior to Morgan, this one came out first. So, this is my first major knitting publication! I can’t begin to express how exciting it is to see your own name in print for something that you created. I am expecting at least 2 more patterns to come out in print by year’s end (hopefully!).

And as if Ravelry is not enough of a time-sucker, I am afraid that it may cause me to develop an unhealthy addiction to vanity and the warm-fuzzies, thus leading me to get a big head (my head is large enough!). Since 3pm, I’ve been perusing the forums for mention of the pattern, and checking to see if more people fave’d the pattern or added it to their queues. Maybe I should bring my laptop to my knitting group tonight so that I can keep checking the stats. ;-P

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I just finished writing a pattern for a very exciting accessory item. I really wish I could post the photo and talk about it, but I am planning on submitting it to Knitty or another knitting publication. I can’t post a photo, but I suppose I can post a small swatch teaser and tell you that the yarn is a fantastic yarn, and one of my top faves: Savannah DK by The Fibre Company (50%Merno, 20% Orgainc Cotton, 15% Linen, 15% Soya Fiber)The photo is a small snipped of the completed item, unblocked.

For the past few days, I have been sketching and swatching for another book submission. It took me a lot longer than I had expected because I had to chart everything first, as if I was actually writing the pattern to 2 of the designs I submitted. The charting was very laborious and tedious. So in the end, I only submitted 3 total, although I had originally planned to submit double that. I figure that the more I submit, the likelihood that one of them would be selected would increase.

Since I’m still new to the whole design and submission process, I haven’t really yet figured out how to do all of it smoothly and in a timely fashion. I start by a rough and horridly ugly drawing or illegible description of my ideas. I then narrow them down for the submission’s theme and do a better color sketch of my idea. I then work one or two swatches as necessary for the design. After all that, I photograph or scan the swatches and the sketches, digitally clean up the scanned sketches and add typed details. Then print or convert everything into a PDF packet, and send everything off.

I don’t really have anything more recent I can show on the blog because they are still pending, but below is an example of something that I did designed for a charity raffle for my previous employer. As you can see, I knit much better than I draw.


For those of you wondering about the progress of my projects for Sensual Evening Knits (follow up to Sensual Knits), I still have no updates on the status of the publication. I can’t really reveal or say more than that because I’m still contracted to them and have to keep everything secret.

In other recent news, I petitioned to join and was accepted as an associate member of the Association of Knitwear Designers. I haven’t really navigated the site and all that AKD has to offer, but I did request a mentor. My mentor is Kim of Dolce Hand Knits. Kim has been a great help and responded to my many questions about the design business while she was on vacation! The ironic thing is that I actually met Kim when I attended TNNA this January. We were both taking a techniques class with Melissa Leapman, crochet and knitwear designer extraordinaire . Aubrey and I later “stalked” Kim at one of the booths and talked to her about her designs and about our shop, Handicraft Cafe. I’m glad we didn’t scare Kim off and that she agreed to mentor me. 😉

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