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As usual, Stitches West this year was great fun. I always enjoy the excitement of the show, the camaraderie of knitters, my wonderful students and friends. And I really have to say that the XRX/ Stitches staff does an excellent job putting together a show of such mass proportions! I taught 3 classes: Kitchener Like A Pro (grafting in pattern off the needles), The Right Fit (your body shape and finding/adapting knitting patterns appropriate for it) and DIY (Design it Yourself): Shawls and Stoles (tons of shawl shapes and how to achieve it). Kitchener Like a Pro and DIY Shawls & Stoles were sold out very early on in registration and I had only 3-4 spots left in The Right Fit, but by the time all the classes started, all my classes were sold out (I capped all classes at 25 students). THANK YOU STUDENTS!

"Kitchener like a pro" class at Stitches West

Students from my “Kitchener Like A Pro” class working hard and showing off their successfully grafted ribbing and cable swatches in pattern.

Mera, Revisited

Cal was in my “The Right Fit” class. She is showing off the “Mera, Revisited” pattern she made after taking a class on that pattern the year before at Stitches.

Stitches West 2013; Flame pattern

“Flame” is a crescent-shaped shawlette worked in a really cool reversible edging pattern and it was on display at the Windy Valley Muskox booth, where they sold out of about 50 patterns of Flame within the 1st hour of the 2nd market day!

Stitches West 2013

Anzula had “Fantome Hat” and “Fantome Cowl” both on display and selling as a kit with their Sebastian (merino/seacell) yarn. They also sold some soft launch test products of my gift tags.

Stitches West 2013

And my friends at Bijou Basin Ranch, had the “Mera Shrug” on display in their booth. That was one of my favorite projects because the yarn was Bijou Bliss, a yak/cormo blend.

Some of the other fun things from Stitches included running into Christina and Debbie from Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. on my flight, meeting 3 generations of knitters during the Student Banquet, petting all the pretty yarns, button-shopping, hanging out with my friends, old and new, and just being able to be part of it all. Oh and let’s not forget my first encounter with an Inu-knit (aka Lily Chin in costume)!

Stitches West 2013 Stitches West 2013 Lily Chin as an Inu-knitStitches West 2013

A note regarding my website

Folks, I also want to let you know that my website is going through a major facelift and some construction woes. You can still navigate and purchase from it, but I cannot list new stuff on it. So, for the time being, you will see a new tab at the top of this blog, “~~PATTERN & PRODUCT INFORMATION~~” That’s where I’m putting and listing all my new stuff. Thanks!!

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(Images above courtesy of and copyrighted by Bijou Basin Ranch)

Right before TNNA, I had to contend with 5 top secret projects. One of them was Mera, which I designed for Bijou Basin Ranch using their Bliss yarn (50% yak down, 50% cormo). OMG, the yarn is absolutely delicious and the smell of it is absolute crack for fiberistas! Aptly named, the yarn has a buttery soft feel in your hands and it has a subtle thick+think texture that gives it a very organic feel. I really wanted to show of some of the yarn’s natural texture, so the body of the garment is worked in a lightly looser gauge (plus, the yarn is very warm; the yak down has great insulating properties).

eDSC01807 logo eDSC01699 logo

If you are familiar with my work and my style, you’ll know that I really like to design garments that are contemporary but yet will remain stylish over time. Furthermore, I really like to design garments with options and versatility.
With Mera, I wanted to give the wearer the option to style and shape it as she wishes. Thus, I incorporated a reversible cable in the edging and cuffs.  (I’ve been on a reversible cable kick lately.) The reversible cable is not a symmetrical one — meaning it has a different design on each side of the fabric.
eDSC01820 logo eDSC01695 logo

Mera can be worn with the collar up or down. You can have 3/4 sleeves or fold up the cuffs for 1/2 sleeves. You can even easily adapt the pattern and knit the sleeves to full length, then when you fold the cuffs, you’d get 3/4 sleeves.

eDSC01720 closeup eDSC01702 closeup

Additional Pattern Info
Buy PDF Pattern from BBR
Mera Pattern Page on Ravelry

Also, support your LYS and buy the patterns from them. If they don’t carry BBR or BBR patterns, tell them that they should! Of course, you should tell them they should especially carry my patterns. 😉 Info about me/where to get patterns for the LYS can be found on the About page on my site.

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I have hinted that I have many things going on this summer and many patterns to release.  One of them is this sleek and fun shrug, Orinoco. I’ve already posted a pattern page and have already listed it on Ravelry. So far, I have received very positive comments and feedback on the design.

In particular,  I received a warm and fuzzy phone call from Tricia of Frog Tree Yarns when she received the display copies of the pattern and the sample garment that I sent.  She really gave me the best compliment and said that she really loves the shrug and how the pattern is written and organized.  ::blush with giant goofy grin::  Orinoco will be showing at their booth at TNNA in Columbus, and the icing on this cake is that Frog Tree will be carrying and selling my pattern to your LYSs! So, if you like my stuff, help this starving artist out by telling your LYS that you want to see my stuff in their shops.  🙂

Orinoco features Frog Tree’s new yarn Meriboo, a super blend of merino and bamboo fibers, has a really nice feel and sheen to it. My sample knitter loved it so much, that I think she’ll be enhancing her stash with some very soon. Handicraft Café does carry several colors of Meriboo and other Frog Tree yarns, though Meriboo hasn’t been listed on the site yet.  If you are a savvy and socially conscious consumer,  you’ll definitely want to support Frog Tree not just for their quality and well-priced yarns, but also because it is a not-for-profit company that works with local communities and cooperatives in South America, and that all their products are fair trade.

At first, I was a little stumped regarding naming this pattern. But then as I looked at the large cabled texture on my swatch and my sketches, I was reminded of some giant boulders that I touched and climbed.  This pattern is named for a hike along the bottom of a dry Orinoco River, one of the 100s of memories I have from a 2 week trek and camp into the Venezuelan Amazon. (When I get a chance later this summer, I will dig out and scan some of my photos from my trip and post about the trip.)

The shrug is a relatively quick knit, simple enough not to drive you batty, but with enough interest so that you don’t get bored.  I really like options and versatility in a pattern, so I wrote this one up to give you options.  It’s like one of those choose-your-own-adventure novels you read as a kid: You can make the shrug with or without a border, make it with 2 different border patterns, and make it either long sleeved or with a 3/4 sleeve.  And, as with all my patterns, they are well-tested and edited, and meticulously laid out in a pleasing and easy-to-read style.

I will have 4 other designs to reveal over the next month.  They are all designed with SWTC yarn in mind.  Below are a couple of teasers of two of the projects.

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