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Happy Thanksgiving to all my real life, knitting and crafting friends out there! If you are not American and don’t celebrate this holiday, I wish you a wonderful weekend and thank you for your support!  To celebrate this holiday and my gratitude, I’m having a sale on my site and in my Ravelry shop. All PDF patterns and ebooks are 25% off through midnight PST on Monday, Nov. 28, 2011. To get the discount, enter the code “GOBBLEGOBBLE” (not case sensitive) upon checkout. The sale includes all my patterns, including my two most popular patterns (Pfeiffer Falls and Weekend Shawl), all the hats from the Liberation collection (incl. the ebook), and my newest patterns (Friday Harbor & Anacortes and Lakedale). Stock up on accessory patterns for all your holiday knitting!

ThanksgivingSale2011 Ad

This has been a difficult year for me, but I’m a glass half-full kind of gal and have lots to be thankful for. I have wonderful friends, I love being a knitwear designer, I love working from home and have a great family. While my health has not been the best and my body has been through lots of stress, I’m still very thankful that I’m relatively healthy. One thing I’ve been stressed about is that all the health and other personal setbacks have  negatively impacted my productivity and work quite significantly. However, my wonderful friends, knitters and fans out there have been fantastic cheerleaders, and I feel quite lucky to be in an industry made up of such warm and generous people and friends!

Wishing y’all a wonderful, fun, safe and delicious Thanksgiving,


P.S. Come back and check the blog again soon. Coming up: Book tour, review and giveaway of Woolly Wormhead‘s new book, Bambeanies!

For up to the minute updates and news, follow me @AnneKuoLukito on Twitter or “Like” my Crafty Diversions page on Facebook!


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Just because it’s Friday! Get $1 off any of the following patterns: Pfeiffer Falls, Haiku, Remy, Anacortes, Friday Harbor and Lakedale.

You don’t have to enter any codes. The discount is automatically taken when you shop from Crafty Diversions or from my Ravelry store. The sale will end on Halloween, Oct 31, 2011.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



For up to the minute updates and news, follow me @AnneKuoLukito on Twitter or “Like” my Crafty Diversions page on Facebook!

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Lately, I’ve been pretty busy with several secret projects, among a few other things. I have two huge secret projects that I can’t really talk about yet, so I’ll just tell you about the three secret projects I’ve been working on for a couple of magazines.
I’ve already completed photoshoots for 2 of the 3 magazine secret projects and have mailed them off to the editors. Call me a tease – here’s the most I can show you of those projects:

The 3rd magazine secret project is still on my needles and is due on Valentine’s day. I’ve had a few setbacks with this last project. One was a knitter error – I forgot to do a couple of increases and decided to rip out instead of fudging them. I ended up ripping out 18 rows, which I calculated was 3136 sts. Sniff sniff. The other setback was when I decided to redo part of the collar because I wanted it to have a little bit more width in the neck.

During all the secret project knitting, I’ve also been planning my Stitches West activities and things like getting things sent to the printer, pattern stapling/ stuffing and planning/organizing a door prize for the Pajama Party hosted by Kimberly (aka Somebunnyslove) Stitches West is next week and happening really fast!! I will be at the Unwind Yarn, Anzula and Bijou Basin Ranch booths a various times throughout the event. I’ll be posting updates of my schedule in the Events/Promo section of my Facebook fan page (I know I need to add one of those pages on my website as well, but until I have time to do that, Facebook will have to suffice in the time being).

My recent photo shoot also included taking photos of the Weekend Shawl (pattern release Feb. 21, 2011) in the fingering weight version. I will also be offering the pattern in a lace weight version, which my sample knitter just finished tonight.

Weekend Shawl (pattern release Feb. 21, 2011). Shown in Fingering Weight version using Sanguine Gryphon Gaia Fingering in color Sundogs.


One of other things I’ve been working on is brainstorming a design for a Fan Appreciation Knitalong. I posted a poll in my Ravelry group and the resulting vote is that folks want to have a non-mystery KAL with a shawl pattern.  The timing of it couldn’t be more perfect, as I will be able to get extra inspiration upon seeing all the lovely things and yarns at Stitches next week.  If you are interested in joining the KAL, just join my group!  The KAL will be FREE. After the KAL is over though, I think I will be putting up the pattern for sale for everyone else. As part of the KAL, I will be posting about and documenting everything, from my design process to the final project.  I’ve never done something like this before and am really looking forward to it.

IMGP4325 IMGP4307

Above photos from Stitches West 2010 – My friend Cindi has had a big yarngasm; Some friends sharing drinks at the Hyatt lounge.

Speaking of KALs, there are some folks who are planning to start another KAL on Ravelry for Pfeiffer Falls. They are planning to start on Feb. 21. So, if you are on the the people who still have it in your queue, this is a great time to cast on! I’ll be checking in on the group to see everyone’s progress and offer help & encouragement where I can.


photo © Interweave Knits 2008

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Call the Fashion Police!

In Southern California, the weather is kind of odd. We can have really warm 80-90 degree Farenheit weather during the day, but at night it can dip into the chilly 60s.  I’d like to use the excuse that I’m still not used to this weirdness because I’m originally from Houston, Texas.  However, I can’t and only have my own idiocy to blame.  I lived in the San Francisco Bay area for about 4 years and have been in SoCal for about 8 years now. That “not used to” excuse is totally unbelieveable.

Anyway, my knitting group met and sat outside on a patio this week. Knowing that it was a very likely possibility, do you think I prepared for a rapid evening cool-down? Of course not!  I only had a thin courduroy jacket on so I got really cold by about 8pm and so I dug through my car and came up with 1 glove, my orange Pfeiffer Falls and a large beach towel (a free promo my hubs got a while back). Isn’t that lovely .com embroidery fancy?

My friends thought I looked funny. So I took some self-portraits of this horrible knitting fashion faux-pas so y’all can have some laughs at my expense.

Torrance Fiber Festival, Part 2


I didn’t really purchase much and really wasn’t planning on purchasing. However, a lovely cone of 8/2 Tencel yarn in a lovely icy blue just kept calling my name.  And when I saw that Rebecca got Maria Erlbacher’s book, I knew that I had to go find and get one for myself.

My friend Cindi also posted some of her photos from the festival on Facebook, so I am posting those for your viewing pleasure. Thanks Cindi!!

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Using a random number generator, the winners for the I’m a Klutz Pattern Giveaway are….
::drum roll:

  1. jmywest@….
  2. Ilythya
  3. Emmy/ xcupidxstuntx@…
  4. Neraulia
  5. Knitmeahamster
  6. Luminea
  7. Bekbek
  8. Silverlotus
  9. Ilythya
  10. Ruth/ Ruth@…
  11. Pikkle
  12. Veggie
  13. Knitmeahamster
  14. Knitticism

Congrats to all of you!!  Winners are ranked according to the order in which the number generator spit out the numbers. jmywest will have top pick of the 14 patterns available, then Ilythya and so forth. Unfortunately, Knitticism will get the leftover pickings. The top five winners will also be able to pick one new, unklutzified pattern of their choosing.

If You Are a Winner….

  1. Send me your mailing address, and don’t forget to give me your real name too. Top 5 winners: please also give me your Ravelry name if you would like the bonus pattern to go into your Ravelry library.
  2. Email me your pattern preferences. Giving me a range would be very helpful in case the one you want is claimed by someone of a higher rank than you.
  3. Also, I’ll be listing the winners and linking your Ravelry name (or website) in my next newsletter/posting to my mailing list. So if you have a site you want me to link to, let me know.

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I brought my portfolio along with me to Sock Summit and I kept it in my tote bag along with my water bottle, which contained a tiny bit of tea in it. Of course I am brilliant and did not screw the bottle cap tightly enough. Thus, the tea leaked into the bottom of my bag. 😦

These got a little wet and stained in the top left corner.

Several of the hardcopy printed patterns in the portfolio got a little damp and tea-stained at either the top right or the top left corner. Some are barely noticeable, some a little moreso, and some have a little bit of color transfer in the area where it was wet because I backed the patterns with black cardstock inside the portfolio,  but they are otherwise in great condition. Nonetheless, I can no longer use them as portfolio samples. I could sell them at a little discount for being “hurt,” but I think I’d rather give them away!

People always like giveaways right?  The giveaway includes 14 patterns – one each of Arrrgyle Skullcap, Buccaneer’s Booty, Audra, Carmen Bolero, Fu Lantern, Liana, Lillian Cardigan, Mermaid, Orinoco, Pacifica, Pfeiffer Falls, Rio Dances in the Sand, Threesome, and Twister. And, I will throw in a second bonus non-klutzified perfect condition pattern for the 5 of the lucky 14, which will also be selected and drawn at random. That’s giving away over $80 worth of patterns! You can find more details about each pattern here.

The black cardstock transferred a little bit of color to the backs of the ones that got a little wetter.

How to Get the Patterns: talk about the patterns! You can talk about it on your blog, make a comment on mine, or talk about it on Ravelry (of course don’t violate any Ravelry or group posting rules). You can do a review, say what you’d do to modify it for yourself, suggest it to someone who might be looking for a specific type of pattern, or whatever strikes your fancy, etc. If you talk about any of the patterns on your blog, do a trackback blog post link or link my blog/site. I am able to see referral site statistics from my blog/site, and if a pattern is hotlinked in the Rav forums, I see those stats too. Earburning me works too. And if you’re not sure that I’ll see it, you can add a comment to a blog post letting me know that you posted.  If you choose to post on Ravelry, because it appears there are more than 3-4 patterns named Carmen and Lillian, the hotlink works better if you type “Carmen Bolero” and “Lillian Cardigan.” I *heart* modern technology.

These got a little wet and stained in the top right corner.

How Winners Will Be Selected: The contest period commenced on Aug. 11, 2009 and will end on Sept. 30, 2009. To make selecting and tracking easier, I’m checking the Rav and my stats everyday. I copy the username and/or referrer’s blog onto a running list organized chronologically and by date and source. I’ll then select the winners using a random number generator/picker. 🙂 Multiple mentions and posts count separately. The first selected will have top pick as to which pattern she wants, then the 2nd person, then the 3rd, and so forth. I’ll snail mail the patterns to the winners. The 14 winners’ names will go into another random drawing for the additional 5 bonus patterns.

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New Ads

I’ve been wanting to put some one Ravlery ads for my patterns and design for some time, but I just haven’t gotten around to it until now.  I created 2:

Ravelry approved the ads sooner than I had anticipated, so I was not able to get Pfeiffer Falls and Lillian up before the ads ran.  It was only a 2-3 day gap, so it’s not bad at all.   At least I made my goal of getting them out before Sock Summit.

New Shopping Cart

The benefit of insomnia is that I stay up to do stuff like editing photos, patterns, website and other stuff that I sometimes procrastinate on.  Last night This morning (until about 3:00am), I was trying to get my version of Pfeiffer Falls up on my site. I decided to go with e-junkie ast the host and delivery system. So far, things seem to be easy and in working order.

For now, I’ve decided that I think I’ll allow site visitors the option to purchase using either the Ravelry shopping system, or from this site via e-junkie.  I think choices are good – I was just worried that same less savvy person would get confused and the pages would get too cluttered.

Most patterns will have both options eventually. However, there will be a few that I can only sell on my website due to contractual obligations and limitations with certain publishers.  For example, I can only sell Pfeiffer Falls on my own site and not through any 3rd-party websites, including Ravelry.

New Pattern Listing & Price

I was kind of grappling with pricing Pfeiffer Falls – whether to sell it at the same price that Interweave is selling it for, or to sell it at $5.75, which is $0.25 more.  After polling some good knitterly friends, I decided to keep my pricing at $5.75 for several reasons.

First of all, the one Interweave sells is the magazine version and still has the same good quality for which they are known. (I signed a semi-exclusive contract for them to sell the pattern in their store, so I still get some royalties for any pattern sales through them.)

My version of Pfeiffer Falls has all the “bells and whistles” that can be included in self-publishing, but can be somewhat excessive in traditional publishing due to understandable space issues.  The extra pages and extra information is also why I’m pricing it at $5.75 instead of $5.50 – I do offer hardcopy patterns for people (including selling them wholesale), so there’s also a cost associated with printing 6 pages with a photo on just about each page.

The extras that I include in my self-published Crafty Diversions version of the pattern:

  • U.S. Standard and International metric measurements and calculations
  • Written out instructions for the pattern chart, for those who are not chart-inclined, or prefer text.
  • 6 photos of the project worked in different yarns, including the Optional Ruffles version.
  • A special chart to make grafting in pattern much, much easier.
  • Live embedded hyperlinks – all you have to do is to click on the logos, the email address and any underlined linked text to get to the website.

And of course, I made sure that this was tech edited.

1:51 pm Edited to Add: Early Bird discount! Help me try out the new cart and the coupon discount option.  Buy within the next 72 hours and get $0.50 off pattern. Code: PFKAL2

Actual Pattern Sample. Click for enlarged view

Actual Pattern Sample. Click for enlarged view

Another New Pattern Release

I’m also pretty much done with Lillian, which I hope to post for sale on Ravelry by the end of the day.  I just want to double check it since I rearranged some of the formatting and added an extra page to the pattern so that it’s more roomy and easier to read.

Lillian is another pattern that I designed in coordination with SWTC to highlight their wonderful Tranquility yarn. I’ll do a separate post about this pattern once I’ve listed it and created a site page for it.

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