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This past weekend was Worldwide Knit in Public Day.  Several local knitting groups and knitters gathered together, along with their families and knitting to a super wonderful picnic organized by my friends Renata and Marie of the All Things String knitting group.  I really enjoyed chatting with my friends, seeing old friends again and meeting new people.

As you can see from the photos below, we had quite a large group. Renata reported that at one point, she counted 70 people. Several people also brought their spinning wheels. Jamie even brought 2! I left mine at home this year, especially since I really haven’t spun in over 6 months.

Renata, fearless leader, organizer and hostess with the mostess

Renata, fearless leader, organizer and hostess with the mostess

Though I was too busy socializing and a little too lazy to participate, Marie and Renata organized several games and raffles.  There was a mystery pattern battle, based on the idea of sock wars,  a free yarn bin (people brought stuff they didn’t want), a raffle prize table (people donated prizes), lots of good food, good company, and the 2 cutest alpacas ever!

I made some curry cream cheese turkey rolls and some smoked salmon rolls to share – they were a hit.  The things that I gluttonously shoveled down my throat were Denise’s cupcakes and Chia’s very tart key lime bars. nom. nom. nom.
Last year, Seven the alpaca graced the picnic with his cute presence.  This year was even better because Margo, who has an alpaca farm near by,  not only brought Seven, but she also brought Angel Light, Seven’s 6 month old sister.  She’s the one wearing the pink collar in the photos.

I really am starting to wonder if I can pass them off as genetically mutated poodles.  I just have to make to give them poodle haircuts.  Mr. CD probably won’t notice.  If you’re on Ravelry, this is where all the poodle talk started.

(click on photos to enlarge)

My Knit Knight friend Mary videoed part of the picnic, including Denise L. learning to spin on her 1-day old Schacht Matchless and the alpacas chomping on some hay:

In case your browser is giving you an error message for the video, here’s the direct link.


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I’ve been sitting on my good news for a little while now, just in case I was dreaming….I received an email from Amy Singer of Knitty that my recent submission was selected to be in the Fall issue.

I have several things coming out in the next few months:

  • a pattern in Knitty’s upcoming fall issue (Sept. 2008)
  • a pattern in Luxury One Skein Wonders (Oct. 2008)
  • a pattern in a great knitting magazine (don’t know if I can name names yet) (Winter 2008)

Last month, I finally received my copy of Sweater Surgery for my many contributions. I haven’t had time to scan and post about my contributions yet, since as you can see, I’ve been busy with designing, Handicraft Café, and visiting in-laws.

IMG_4466 IMG_4465

I’m also currently working on two projects for a book that is due out next year, but I don’t want to get my hopes up because I had some concerns about the contract. I already contacted the editor to discuss some of my questions, and she was very willing to chat. I was supposed to receive a draft of some proposed changes, but I haven’t received it yet. I need to call and follow up tomorrow.

If this book thing doesn’t go through, then that will make book #2 that has led to some disappointment.
This project is already on hiatus. I haven’t received any information regarding its status for a long time now, but to my understanding, it is still undergoing some negotiation with the publishing company and I am still under contract for 2 designs, so I can sell them elsewhere.
IMG_4463 IMG_4464

No doubt I am happy to have been selected in the first place. They were my first attempts with a book contribution, and to have been selected for each of the 3 books that I submitted patterns to is a great joy and validation of my work and ideas. I really try not to get my hopes up or get too excited, because I am also a realist and know that sometimes things just are beyond one’s control. However, when a project doesn’t go through for one reason or another, it will always a slight bubble burst and somewhat of a personal disappointment. I must say though, that everyone that I’ve contacted and worked with in my submissions have been kind, professional and talented. Really. The only situation where it wasn’t very professional occurred 2 years ago with a now debunked knitting e-zine.

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A couple of weeks ago, my knitting group gathered with other local groups for a knitting in public event at Whole Foods Market in Costa Mesa. We knitted in great company and smothered ourselves in gluttony with all the yummy foods at the various delis inside the store. My favorite was the gelato and dessert bar.

Aubrey showing of her triple brownie lollipop with her robo-arm.

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IMG_4268 IMG_4299
IMG_4271 IMG_4273
Clockwise: 1. Marie, Melyssa and Abraham with Christine grilling corn with her hubby in the back; 2. Seven our new alpaca friend; 3. (l-r) Holly’s pooch, Holly, Michelle and Denise L. from the Anaheim Hills group photographing me photographing her; (l-r): Gloria, Victoria, Renata and Rachel chatting in front of the prize table.

This past Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public Day! Many groups in and around Southern California held WWKIP events. Of course this year, my knitting group held our annual picnic to coincide with WWKIP. We invited other knit and crochet clubs from Orange County, Long Beach, Los Angeles and anyone else to join us in the festivities. I think we had the very best WWKIP event. In fact, I think we may have had the best event all around! Okay, so I may be a little biased, but I don’t know if the other groups say the following about their WWKIP events:

  • We had jugglers and spear throwers who brought juggling and a unicycle. I didn’t get photos of the jugglers, but Christine from Long Beach SnB did here!
  • We had vivacious knitters that tried to knit while hula-hooping!

IMG_4285 zona knithula
IMG_4291 IMG_4286
Above: Zona trying very hard not to drop her hoop and her stitches!

IMG_4288 IMG_4290
Above: Rachel also trying to keep up her hoop and stitches.

  • We had animals at our picnic, including an alpaca! People brought their dogs, some kids brought their surprisingly cute rats and new ATS members Amanda and Margo brought their alpaca Seven, named so for his 7-7-07 birth date. I was really resisting stealing him away in my car, and since he’s small, I was thinking that I may be able to pass him off as a rare dog breed or something. 😉 Zona snapped a photo of the kids playing with the rat right above my head – eek!.

IMG_4275 IMG_4303
IMG_4308 IMG_4305
Clockwise: 1. Some kids playing with a pet rat. Rat is on the long-haired girl’s shoulder; 2, 3. Seven the alpaca showing off his cute face and new haircut for the camera; 4. Seven smiling for the camera.

  • We had musicians singing for us with their guitars. Zona also has a picture of Jeff and his guitar.

Jonathan and the kilt-wearing Jeff singing some tunes for us.

  • We had several games and contests including a speed knitting war and a mystery fiber game! I didn’t snap photos of the finished war fish, but Denise L. did here and here. Zona has a photo of the prize table.

IMG_4296 IMG_4295
IMG_4266 IMG_4267
Clockwise 1. Robert and 2. Chia working on their Knitting War projects, trying to kill each other off; 3. & 4. Courtney, Shawn, curious boy and Zona check out the Mystery Fibers.

  • We had lots of spinners too, including a few very handy and crafty kids who got the hang of spinning in no time!

IMG_4272 IMG_4293
IMG_4277 IMG_4294
Clockwise: 1. Kristi spinning some luscious green wool ; 2. Jamie gets the cutest apprentice to help him spin some undyed wool from a small mill; 3. Me spinning some silk; 4. Aliza wanted to learn to spin, so I let her try out my wheel as her brothers watched.

  • We had customized name tags! I made about 30-35 name tags for the folks that I knew from ATS and the Anaheim Hills Knit Night. I’m just a little bummed that I forgot to take photos of two of my favorite tags that I made. I made a “King Snark” for Robert, who is undoubtedly the bitchiest and snarkiest member of our group. (Robert wore his tag with pride, btw.) I also made one for Zona’s very understanding hubby (Jeff the guitar-playing kilt dude). I gave Jeff a club of his own: S.P.O.O.F. (Supportive Partners Of Out-of-control Fiberholics)
Custom name tags

All in all, we all had all the ingredients for a stupendous WWKIP event. We had good food, great people, fiber, prizes, laughs, good weather and an alpaca. Really, what can one ask for? I have more pics uploaded in my Flickr (lots more of Seven).

All this fun would not be possible without our group’s fearless leader, Renata who did most of the arrangements, from the park permit to the pop-ups, tables, banner, jugglers and spear throwers!

IMG_4270 IMG_4276
Clockwise: 1. Karen and Debbie ; 2. Me, Rachel and Zona; 3. Abraham working on his needlepoint while Jamie knits.

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