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Just because it’s Friday! Get $1 off any of the following patterns: Pfeiffer Falls, Haiku, Remy, Anacortes, Friday Harbor and Lakedale.

You don’t have to enter any codes. The discount is automatically taken when you shop from Crafty Diversions or from my Ravelry store. The sale will end on Halloween, Oct 31, 2011.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



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Time has just quickly flown by this summer and I have so much to share!

HAIKU, aka the #LessThan2WeekSweater

Shortly after a fun and successful trip to TNNA, I decided to once again partner with my friends at Anzula to show at Sock Summit 2011. And why wouldn’t I? I love Anzula’s products and yarns — that’s why I have worked may of my Liberation hats in Anzula Squishy (superwash merino, cashmere, nylon) and in Anzula Sebastian (superwash merino, seacell).

For this second Sock Summit, I designed a very nicely fitted tank top out of a new yarn – Anzula Haiku. I named this pattern Haiku as well. With the timing, I really had to get this pattern written, designed, knitted, photographed and published within 2 weeks! (Yes, I know I’m not exactly sane in this respect — my friends remind me of this almost everyday.)  The result is a sexy fitted pattern written in 12 sizes with 8 separate bust fitting options for bust sizes C to GG (I used UK sizing references)!!  If you do the math, that’s 96 different fitting options!!  This is actually a top that will fit me and my 32G breasts! It’s a top that I’ve been wanting to design and write for some time. I have future plans to write additional garments in this style as well, because I really feel that having well-fitting garments is very important, and I want us to be able to knit garments that really fit our bodies.

Haiku 2112 logo Haiku 2128 logo2

Haiku 2148 logo Haiku 2115 logo

I brought  Haiku, individual  Liberation  patterns and limited print editions of my Liberation e-book to Sock Summit and for sale at the Anzula booth.  Several patterns, including  Haiku, sold out by the second day.  All and all, it was a great show.

Gino’s Restaurant & Pico Accuardi

One of the many events I attended in Portland while at Sock Summit was one of Pico Accuardi Dyeworks‘ fabulous sock club luncheon held at my good friend and fellow Visionary’s restaurant, Gino’s. I was a guest and featured designer and shared my Septima Clark pattern with the club. The company and food were spectacular. I ate until I couldn’t eat anymore.

IMG_1265 IMG_1266
IMG_1270 IMG_1269

Being Deb’s friend and hanging out with her also meant that this city girl had other opportunities to eat at Gino’s and visit her farmhouse on Mt. Hood.

IMG_1310 IMG_1316

Left: Playing with baby bunnies at Deb’s farm; Right: Her naughty goats that like to steal chicken and rabbit feed.

IMG_1273 IMG_1275
IMG_1279 IMG_1274

Above: I also attended a cocktail party at the Pico Accuardi dye studio, where I was able to have a mini trunk show with the Liberation collection and my Weekend Shawl.

Sock Summit Flash Mob, Sock Hop & Fabulousness

There were many events at Sock Summit, including a flash mob dance. I recorded a rehearsal at the Opening Night reception, a spontaneous dance at the 1980s themed sock hop, and the “official” dance.

Above: Video of the official flash mob. For the other videos, go to my CraftyDiversions YouTube channel.

IMG_1454 IMG_1461
One of the events was the Foot to Fleece challenge, in which teams spun freshly shorn fleece (in the grease) and attempted to knit a sock. I didn’t participate in any teams, but I was the official cheerleader for the Pico Accuardi Dyeworks‘ Spin U team. Above (clockwise from top left): Sheep being shorn; sheep pen; the PAD Spin U team; Shannon Okey took a photo of me in my cheerleading outfit when I went to visit the Cooperative Press booth.

My favorite event was the 80’s-themed Sock hop! If y’all know me, you know that my favorite genre of music is 80s alternative and new wave. Bands like Depeche Mode, OMD, New Order, The Cure, The Smiths, Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiction, Pet Shop Boys, Information Society and Erasure rock my world. So you can imagine my excitement for this sock hop. My friends and I decided to dress up in costume for it. The irony is that except for the big hair (c’mon, I’m from Texas!) and bright red lipstick (of course my parents didn’t know), I really didn’t dress too 80s during that time. Sure, I had my share of hideous outfits, but I refused to succumb to the trendy fashions of the time (aka I was not that cool) and never even owned a set of rubber bracelets, nor did I wear large crosses (I did wear an ankh though).

IMG_1389 IMG_1367

IMG_1368 IMG_1386


IMG_1391 IMG_1393
IMG_1380 IMG_1371

Above Photos: 1. Party Banner; 2. Deb Accuardi, Me and Marisol Sanchez decked out a la Desperately Seeking Susan; 3. Me and Deb in our hideous but fabulous outfits. I even wore lots of blue eyeshadow; 4. Teri Sabah; 5. Crowd dancing; 6. & 7. Two ladies totally knew every single move to Thriller and led a group of people in the Thriller dance; 8. crowd dancing; 9. It got really hot, so I just had to get my hair into a side ponytail!; 10. Left to Right: Deb Accuardi, me, Teri Saba, Joely, Stevanie Pico, Misty, Marisol Sanchez.

Despite the fact that Portland and the Pacific Northwest apparently hate me and the allergy misery hell, I had a great time. (My allergies went into overdrive and went haywire by the end of Day 4 — Even though I take allergra on a daily basis and have been on immunotherapy for over a year, I’m still quite sensitive to allergens. I am very allergic to much of the flora in the region, like Alder, Birch and Cedar.)

IMG_1413 IMG_1359

Above: Left – I finally was able to meet Franklin Habit in real life! He’s a doll! Right – Met Sharon Fletcher of Stitch Jones.

I was able to visit with some friends and meet some in real life for the first time. A few folks I was able to visit with Marly Bird, Jaala Spiro, Shannon Okey , Stephanie Tallent, Caro Sheridan, Stitchy McYarnpants, Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark, Carl and Eileen Koop, Erica Owens…I’m sure there are many more folks I missed and I hope they’ll forgive me for having a brain fart right now. I was also quite flattered and humbled when fans of my work and designs wanted to meet me.  Two people absolutely fabulous and talented people that that I was ridiculously ecstatic to finally meet in real life were Sivia Harding and Franklin Habit.

Post-Summit in PDX

After helping Anzula break down their booth on Sunday, Deb (who also has a fabulous podcast, At the Kitchen Table) and I headed for another fabulous dinner at Gino’s with Cat Bordhi and some fellow Visionaries, many of whom I also had not met in real life. We were celebrating the birth of Judy Becker‘s upcoming book, Beyond Toes: Knitting Adventures with Judy’s Magic Cast-On. Dinner was great, but the company was more wonderful. It’s always nice to be able to share experiences, thoughts and ideas with a group of creative, intelligent, like-minded people.

I spent a few more days in the PDX area, albeit a bit miserable due to my horrid allergies. I could not breathe or sleep well. The allergies dashed my short-lived fantasy of buying a small farm or a cute house gorgeous Oregon.  I stayed with Deb and her husband at their farmhouse on Mt. Hood. The beauty of the surroundings and a great hostess made my stay much less miserable. I spent the rest of my stay helping Deb with her 2012 Knitter’s Datebook (coming soon!!) and teaching her the basics of InDesign and Illustrator.

IMG_0362 IMG_0388

IMG_0376  IMG_0389

IMG_0390 IMG_0399

Above: We went to the top of Mt. Hood, where there were still lots of snow. Deb’s dog obviously loved the snow, and we ended the day with drinks at the Timberline lodge: great view, great drinks, great company….ahh…

Unfortunately, it’s back to reality for me and I’m still playing catch-up. In the past month, I’ve had lots of pattern releases, but I haven’t really been able to post or blog about those. I just recovered from a major chest infection (in the end, I could not fend off the ill-effects of the allergies from Oregon) and am trying to get a project done for Vogue Knitting Live in LA.

I’ll be posting more details about some exciting news later, but here are some of them in a quick nutshell:

  • Roseling was published in Twist Collective Fall.
  • The Fall issue of Knitscene, for which I got the cover, finally hit the newsstands! My patterns Lepidoptera is the cover garment, and inside, I also have a sassy beret, Whittier Hat.
  • On Sept 15, I will be appearing and speaking on a BlogHer panel on Craft + Money at the BlogHer Handmade/ Creative Connection conference. 
  • I will be debuting 2 new designs for at Vogue Knitting Live in Los Angeles on Sept 23-25! The garments will be shown exclusively at the Knit Culture booth. Knit Culture will be posting about the designs on their blog and I will be discussing it and revealing sneak peaks on my Facebook page and on Twitter.

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My cat struck again. This time she pulled my Remy project out of my bag.  I know I’m a little more careless when it’s not yarn for the shop or a Top Secret project for a book, magazine or yarn company, but still…

Speaking of Remy…

I’m doing the Remy KAL on Ravlery and have finally selected some stash yarn for it.  It was much easier than what I had originally planned: dye some yarn for the project.

This Remy is for my very good friend Edgar, who is actually close to getting written off the “good friend” list if he tries to call me to rub in some Jamaican or some fancy Napa Valley trip he won through work (he’s in wine sales) again. You see, he calls me to feign some sort of dread and complaint “Oh woe be me, I’m so stressed that I get to drink special reserve wine all day” or “Oh I am so frustrated that I have to go on a cruise and have no idea what to pack.” The worst part? He doesn’t even take me with him.  Me, who has put up with his crap for over 10 years now. I used to cook for him all the time too.  hmph!  Who cares about his girlfriend? I’ve stuck by him longer and he really can’t say that about his other friends.  Edgar, are you reading this?  See what a good friend I am? You are getting a hand-knit scarf with some good alpaca/merino yarn AND it’s one-of-a kind AND I designed the pattern!

For Edgar’s Remy, I’m actualy modifying it a little from the original pattern.  I omitted the seed stitches between the pattern repeats because I really wanted something that I didn’t have to think about for once. Also, Edgar lives in Houston, which is hot most of the time, and he doesn’t really need anything that wide.

My Secret Projects

The secret projects I’ve been working on in the last several weeks are finally all done and sent off to the publisher.  If all goes well, you will see it in Spring 2010. One is a garment and one is an accessory. As with all projects and designs for 3rd parties, I have to keep things a secret and cannot reveal details or photos.  I can only give you small hints and teasers like these:

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I am very happy to announce that the Fall 2009 issue of Knitscene has finally been released officially!  My local Border’s and Barnes & Noble bookstores just have to follow the rules and not put out the magazines on the shelves until the actual release date. The suck don’t they? This is especially torturous when I see people from other parts of the U.S. posting that they snagged a copy from their local bookstore and/or LYS before the release date. ::hrumph! I don’t want to admit that my local stores are right in following the release date rules.::

Remy is why I was so eager to see this new issue of Knitscene. Isn’t it cool? Remy is no ordinary scarf pattern! It is a reversible cable. Furthermore, the cables are not just reversible in the sense that it looks attractive on both sides, Remy sports an entirely different cable pattern on each side!

I took a couple of screen captures of my design from Knitscene‘s previews.  If you’d like to see the other wonderful designs in this issue, you can see them here.

Screen capture of www.Knitscene.com on July 21, 2009

Screen capture on July 21, 2009 from http://www.knitscene.com/issue/Fall-2009-Projects.asp

initial prototype of Remy in a darker yarn

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Knitscene Magazine

Knitscene‘s Fall 2009 issue is coming out soon…sometime in the latter half of July, is what a little birdie told me.

I have an accessory item that is supposed to be published in the issue, and I’m quite excited about it.  It’s my first Knitscene pattern, and it’s something that I really like.  I can’t share much until the previews go up or the issue goes live, but I can give you a sneak peek.  I know it’s not much, but I really can’t divulge much more.

ETA: June 30, 2009: You can now preorder your copy of Knitscene Fall here.  My name and pattern is listed.  yay.  The sneak previews won’t be up until 3 weeks from now.

Can I make do without Ns?

I love my laptop. In fact, I’ve loved it so much that many of the lettering on the keypad have rubbed off, and I’ve resorted to painting them on with white nail polish.  I type mostly by muscle memory, but every once in a while I do need to look at the keypad.

My “Enter” and “N” keys have also been popping off. I’ve managed to pop them back each time, except for today.  I couldn’t get the N back on. What’s worse is the little rubber thing also came off, making it near impossible to type (very very slow).  I tried gluing it with some E6000, but I haven’t been able to leave it alone lone enough for the glue to dry. I’ll have to try again later because it’s damned hard trying to type without N, and I’ve been trying to avoid words without it, but it’s not really working.  If I’m unsuccessful with the glue tonight, I’m afraid this is what all my posts, emails and patterns will start looking like:

I’ll have to write everythig without the letter &/or try to thik of words that do’t cotai the letter, but as you ca see, it’s damed ear impossible!  My laptop is a little older ow, but it’s still i great shape ad very usuable.  I hate the thought of havig to get a ew laptop just because I ca’t get oe of the letters to work.  I also hate the thought of havig to try to trasfer all my data & files to a ew computer.

Click to see Flickr Notes on photo

Damned Selfish Cat

The hubs & I have had better sleep since I’ve had to kick out the other cats from our bedroom due to my allergies.  We put up a baby gate at the top of the stairs. Brownie & Maggie are too fat and lack the agility to jump over it. The only one that can is Whitey Coyote, who actually like it that way (she’s the alpha cat).

The improved sleep is not just because of my slightly improved allergies, but largely because the cats like to hog the bed, as I’m sure all you pet owners can relate.  We only have one cat in the bed now, but she stil likes to hog the bed. Poor Mr. CD has been pushed to the edge of the bed and gets closer to the verge of falling off as the night progresses.

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TNNA is fast approaching, and I am SO NOT READY!

For those of you who don’t know what TNNA is, it is the trade association for needlearts. So, most of your local yarn stores and needlepoint shops are probably members. TNNA is very filled with yarn and the intoxicating scent of wool and knit-celebrities, among other well known people in the industry.

Some designers are also members. You can’t attend unless you’re a member or an employee of a member. TNNA offers classes and an opportunity to shop and network. It is relatively fun, exciting (especially the book siginigs) and tiring all at the same time.  And in the time of a bad economy, I imagine it will be very apparent at the show this year.

Some of the books from last year’s Winter trade show in Long Beach:

Last year, I took some fantastic classes, including classes taught by Cat Bordhi and Melissa Leapman. I’m taking classes this year too, but I have not done any of my homework. boo.

I still need to pack, plan the budget, and do some other things. Oh, and I have a Knitscene magazine deadline approaching too. I don’t recall whether I already blogged about it, but guess who’s design just got accepted to Knitscene’s Fall 2009 issue?  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It’s not that I’ve been totally unproductive…I’ve already started drafting the FAQ/Tutorial page for the pattern and was not planning on having it go live until I get more content up, but I figure some is better than none right? So, here’s the link. If you are relatively clever, but still have a question in the meantime, you can try to decipher some of the photos that I’ve already uploaded on my Flickr in the Pfeiffer Falls set.


My sketches that I submitted to Interweave Knits.


Showing my really bad drawing and sketching skills here.

I also finished the Pfeiffer Falls that I cast on a few weeks ago. However, I should slap myself (imagine Marc Harmon on NCIS slapping his underlings on the back of their heads here), because I have already abused mine (I dropped it and dragged it on the floor a few times). So, it is in need of reblocking. I also need to get some good photographs of the finished garment and Iam thinking about switching up the button that I put on it.

Perhaps y’all can help me make a decision on whether to change the button. Which button is better with the swatch?

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