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Just because it’s Friday! Get $1 off any of the following patterns: Pfeiffer Falls, Haiku, Remy, Anacortes, Friday Harbor and Lakedale.

You don’t have to enter any codes. The discount is automatically taken when you shop from Crafty Diversions or from my Ravelry store. The sale will end on Halloween, Oct 31, 2011.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



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Shop Knitting Patterns Now!Have you received your latest issue of Interweave Knits yet? Guess who has a pattern in it? If you haven’t, go order yours today! (And if you go through the link below, I get a small cut of your purchase as an affliliate.)

The current Summer 2010 issue features the Empyrean Tunic. It’s a design that I had originally submitted for the Spring 2010 issue (in which Rose Window Beret appears). Since people always seem to be curious to see how an idea turned into reality, below is a snapshot of my submission.

My submission swatch was worked with a sandalwood-colored 50% tussah silk and 50% wool yarn that I got a while back from a sale that a machine knitting shop was having. I still have lots of that yarn, which I think would be perfect for Empyrean. I should knit another sample since I won’t ever see the one I made for the magazine in my possession ever again. ::sigh::

The garment is worked in one piece in a raglan-construction from the top-down. Don’t worry if the neckline seems overly wide at first! It will all work itself out in the end. I promise! The neckline is tightened up with an i-cord edging, which really would not work with other garments unless it’s something airy and light like this.  I intentionally did not reduce stitches at the bottom hem and sleeve ends so that they would flare out a little — I think it just makes it seem more interesting and more fluid.

I did spot Empyrean on display at TNNA (needlearts trade show) in January 2010 at the Interweave Press booth, and of course I was stupidly giddy. The scarf that I'm wearing is Remy. (www.craftydiversions.com/patterns/remy.htm)

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Have you seen Interweave Knits, Spring 2010 yet?

This photo is copyright by Interweave Press, LLC.

I am proud to say that I have a pattern in this issue: Rose Window Beret. Favorite it or Queue it on Ravelry here.

This is a relatively easy lacy beret that is worked from the top-down. It features a floral lace pattern that expands as the circumference of the beret grows. The pattern for the lace motif is charted and it’s worked in a DK weight yarn. When working the beret, I recommend placing markers between each pattern repeat.

The original sample in the magazine is worked in Reynolds Rise & Shine, a cotton yarn. Because the cotton might be difficult on those of you who may have hand problems or who simply just find it hard to work with cotton, I’ve listed some suggested yarns that might work well as substitutions here. I usually like knitting my own patterns, but I have to be honest in saying that due to the tendonitis in my own hands, it was bit hard and a little frustrating working with a somewhat splitty cotton yarn. Nonetheless, I am still quite happy with the results and I simply loved the color the editors selected.


A redacted copy of my submission to Interweaves.

When I first pitched the idea to Interweaves, I had no idea what to call the design, so I tentatively titled it “Amsterdam” because the motif I came up with reminded me a little bit of the tulips I saw during a trip to the Netherlands (went to Amsterdam and a couple of smaller towns). I correctly suspected that IK was probably going to rename the pattern ro something that probably fit better with the issues’s theme and probably with a name that would not conjure up images of hash for folks. 😉

RoseWindow1922 RoseWindow1924


In addition to my pattern (of course I like my own pattern!), I also really like the looks of the Double V Cardigan by Melissa Wehrle and the Lattice and Hollow Cardigan by Kim Hamlin.

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New Ads

I’ve been wanting to put some one Ravlery ads for my patterns and design for some time, but I just haven’t gotten around to it until now.  I created 2:

Ravelry approved the ads sooner than I had anticipated, so I was not able to get Pfeiffer Falls and Lillian up before the ads ran.  It was only a 2-3 day gap, so it’s not bad at all.   At least I made my goal of getting them out before Sock Summit.

New Shopping Cart

The benefit of insomnia is that I stay up to do stuff like editing photos, patterns, website and other stuff that I sometimes procrastinate on.  Last night This morning (until about 3:00am), I was trying to get my version of Pfeiffer Falls up on my site. I decided to go with e-junkie ast the host and delivery system. So far, things seem to be easy and in working order.

For now, I’ve decided that I think I’ll allow site visitors the option to purchase using either the Ravelry shopping system, or from this site via e-junkie.  I think choices are good – I was just worried that same less savvy person would get confused and the pages would get too cluttered.

Most patterns will have both options eventually. However, there will be a few that I can only sell on my website due to contractual obligations and limitations with certain publishers.  For example, I can only sell Pfeiffer Falls on my own site and not through any 3rd-party websites, including Ravelry.

New Pattern Listing & Price

I was kind of grappling with pricing Pfeiffer Falls – whether to sell it at the same price that Interweave is selling it for, or to sell it at $5.75, which is $0.25 more.  After polling some good knitterly friends, I decided to keep my pricing at $5.75 for several reasons.

First of all, the one Interweave sells is the magazine version and still has the same good quality for which they are known. (I signed a semi-exclusive contract for them to sell the pattern in their store, so I still get some royalties for any pattern sales through them.)

My version of Pfeiffer Falls has all the “bells and whistles” that can be included in self-publishing, but can be somewhat excessive in traditional publishing due to understandable space issues.  The extra pages and extra information is also why I’m pricing it at $5.75 instead of $5.50 – I do offer hardcopy patterns for people (including selling them wholesale), so there’s also a cost associated with printing 6 pages with a photo on just about each page.

The extras that I include in my self-published Crafty Diversions version of the pattern:

  • U.S. Standard and International metric measurements and calculations
  • Written out instructions for the pattern chart, for those who are not chart-inclined, or prefer text.
  • 6 photos of the project worked in different yarns, including the Optional Ruffles version.
  • A special chart to make grafting in pattern much, much easier.
  • Live embedded hyperlinks – all you have to do is to click on the logos, the email address and any underlined linked text to get to the website.

And of course, I made sure that this was tech edited.

1:51 pm Edited to Add: Early Bird discount! Help me try out the new cart and the coupon discount option.  Buy within the next 72 hours and get $0.50 off pattern. Code: PFKAL2

Actual Pattern Sample. Click for enlarged view

Actual Pattern Sample. Click for enlarged view

Another New Pattern Release

I’m also pretty much done with Lillian, which I hope to post for sale on Ravelry by the end of the day.  I just want to double check it since I rearranged some of the formatting and added an extra page to the pattern so that it’s more roomy and easier to read.

Lillian is another pattern that I designed in coordination with SWTC to highlight their wonderful Tranquility yarn. I’ll do a separate post about this pattern once I’ve listed it and created a site page for it.

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Are you on the Knitting Daily mailing list?  They just sent out a notice that patterns from the Winter2008 issue of Interweave Knits is now up for individual sales on their pattern store.  Of course, Pfeiffer Falls is included!

You’ll have multiple choices for getting Pfeiffer Falls.  You can buy a back issue of the magazine, buy the pattern from IK’s store, or if you’re a little patient, you can buy it from my pattern site. I just finished formatting and rewriting it for the purposes of self-publishing. It just has to go to the tech editor to review so that I can ensure you as much of a flawless pattern as possible.

My self-published version will only be available on my site, as I cannot sell it on other sites but my own.  The difference from the self-published version and the magazine version (the original published version and the one IK is selling) is that the self-published version has additional photos, a written version of the pattern chart, and special grafting charts to help you graft in pattern for a virtually invisible and professional-looking finish.  I’m a sucker for special details and I think the grafting chart really helps you achieve that with ease.

I’m hoping to get the self-published version up and listed on my site within the next week or two. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of the actual pattern (click to enlarge):

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TNNA is fast approaching, and I am SO NOT READY!

For those of you who don’t know what TNNA is, it is the trade association for needlearts. So, most of your local yarn stores and needlepoint shops are probably members. TNNA is very filled with yarn and the intoxicating scent of wool and knit-celebrities, among other well known people in the industry.

Some designers are also members. You can’t attend unless you’re a member or an employee of a member. TNNA offers classes and an opportunity to shop and network. It is relatively fun, exciting (especially the book siginigs) and tiring all at the same time.  And in the time of a bad economy, I imagine it will be very apparent at the show this year.

Some of the books from last year’s Winter trade show in Long Beach:

Last year, I took some fantastic classes, including classes taught by Cat Bordhi and Melissa Leapman. I’m taking classes this year too, but I have not done any of my homework. boo.

I still need to pack, plan the budget, and do some other things. Oh, and I have a Knitscene magazine deadline approaching too. I don’t recall whether I already blogged about it, but guess who’s design just got accepted to Knitscene’s Fall 2009 issue?  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It’s not that I’ve been totally unproductive…I’ve already started drafting the FAQ/Tutorial page for the pattern and was not planning on having it go live until I get more content up, but I figure some is better than none right? So, here’s the link. If you are relatively clever, but still have a question in the meantime, you can try to decipher some of the photos that I’ve already uploaded on my Flickr in the Pfeiffer Falls set.


My sketches that I submitted to Interweave Knits.


Showing my really bad drawing and sketching skills here.

I also finished the Pfeiffer Falls that I cast on a few weeks ago. However, I should slap myself (imagine Marc Harmon on NCIS slapping his underlings on the back of their heads here), because I have already abused mine (I dropped it and dragged it on the floor a few times). So, it is in need of reblocking. I also need to get some good photographs of the finished garment and Iam thinking about switching up the button that I put on it.

Perhaps y’all can help me make a decision on whether to change the button. Which button is better with the swatch?

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I am so delighted to have received my contributor’s copy of Interweave Knits Winter 2008,  along with tear sheets of Pfeiffer Falls, and a check!  Woo hoo!!  I now feel more like a bonafide designer, albeit still green.

My first IK check. You didnt think Id make the photo public without first blurring out the private info, did you?

My first IK check. You didn't think I'd make the photo public without first blurring out the private info, did you?

The only thing that I haven’t received yet is my prototype that I sent in with my submission swatches.  Last I heard is that it will be in the mail to me sometime this week.  Yay!

I need to knit myself a Pfeiffer Falls too! I want one for myself, especially to wear when I go down to San Diego for TNNA in January.  But, with what yarn? What color? This decision has been very difficult!  Handicraft Café just ordered a bunch of new yarn too, so it just makes my decision a lot harder.  Maybe I should narrow down my choices to 5-6 and put it up for a vote.

Tutorial Note:

I haven’t started the FAQ/Tutorial Page for this pattern yet, but just for those of you starting to knit the pattern, if you are on Ravelry, please look at this thread, posts #36 and #37.  If you are not and are having trouble in the beginning, maybe this will help:

My original writing included the ruffles first.  Later, the instructions for the ruffles was changed to be an extra option. I didn’t alter the instructions much, so this may be where some of the confusion and weird start seems to be. I apologize for that, because it sure made sense in my head.

Anyway, the CO calls for double what you need. You will split your CO sts as the pattern says. Half will be put on a holder or waste yarn to be used for the scarf body. The first half you work with is for the pocket.  I did it this way so that you don’t have to seam up more than necessary.  (You can also choose to work the pocket and scarf where it joins the pocket in the round, but you won’t get a nice flat seam if you do, and don’t forget to omit the extra sts used for the seaming if you do it in the round.)

After you finish the pocket, the instructions ask you to work a purl row on the WS after you pick up the sts from the holder.  What is the WS? The WS is the WS of the pocket if the pocket is standing up in its correct and intended position, not as if it was flopping down, as it will when you knit the scarf body.  I did grapple with how to write this, know that some people will be confused and find the WS of the work when the pocket is flopping down.  However, technically, you will not be using the pocket upside down, will you? 😉  So, to find the WS, set your work on a table and flip the pocket flap up in its correct position.

FAQ/Tutorial Contributions:

If anyone has questions or thoughts about what should be included in the FAQ/Tutorial for this pattern, please feel free to send your questions to me.  Also, if you have good progress photos (especially those showing the parts that might be in question), let me know if you would like to be considered to be included in the FAQ/Tutorial.  Of course, I will attribute your photos and link it to your site/blog.

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