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My cat struck again. This time she pulled my Remy project out of my bag.  I know I’m a little more careless when it’s not yarn for the shop or a Top Secret project for a book, magazine or yarn company, but still…

Speaking of Remy…

I’m doing the Remy KAL on Ravlery and have finally selected some stash yarn for it.  It was much easier than what I had originally planned: dye some yarn for the project.

This Remy is for my very good friend Edgar, who is actually close to getting written off the “good friend” list if he tries to call me to rub in some Jamaican or some fancy Napa Valley trip he won through work (he’s in wine sales) again. You see, he calls me to feign some sort of dread and complaint “Oh woe be me, I’m so stressed that I get to drink special reserve wine all day” or “Oh I am so frustrated that I have to go on a cruise and have no idea what to pack.” The worst part? He doesn’t even take me with him.  Me, who has put up with his crap for over 10 years now. I used to cook for him all the time too.  hmph!  Who cares about his girlfriend? I’ve stuck by him longer and he really can’t say that about his other friends.  Edgar, are you reading this?  See what a good friend I am? You are getting a hand-knit scarf with some good alpaca/merino yarn AND it’s one-of-a kind AND I designed the pattern!

For Edgar’s Remy, I’m actualy modifying it a little from the original pattern.  I omitted the seed stitches between the pattern repeats because I really wanted something that I didn’t have to think about for once. Also, Edgar lives in Houston, which is hot most of the time, and he doesn’t really need anything that wide.

My Secret Projects

The secret projects I’ve been working on in the last several weeks are finally all done and sent off to the publisher.  If all goes well, you will see it in Spring 2010. One is a garment and one is an accessory. As with all projects and designs for 3rd parties, I have to keep things a secret and cannot reveal details or photos.  I can only give you small hints and teasers like these:


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Knitscene Magazine

Knitscene‘s Fall 2009 issue is coming out soon…sometime in the latter half of July, is what a little birdie told me.

I have an accessory item that is supposed to be published in the issue, and I’m quite excited about it.  It’s my first Knitscene pattern, and it’s something that I really like.  I can’t share much until the previews go up or the issue goes live, but I can give you a sneak peek.  I know it’s not much, but I really can’t divulge much more.

ETA: June 30, 2009: You can now preorder your copy of Knitscene Fall here.  My name and pattern is listed.  yay.  The sneak previews won’t be up until 3 weeks from now.

Can I make do without Ns?

I love my laptop. In fact, I’ve loved it so much that many of the lettering on the keypad have rubbed off, and I’ve resorted to painting them on with white nail polish.  I type mostly by muscle memory, but every once in a while I do need to look at the keypad.

My “Enter” and “N” keys have also been popping off. I’ve managed to pop them back each time, except for today.  I couldn’t get the N back on. What’s worse is the little rubber thing also came off, making it near impossible to type (very very slow).  I tried gluing it with some E6000, but I haven’t been able to leave it alone lone enough for the glue to dry. I’ll have to try again later because it’s damned hard trying to type without N, and I’ve been trying to avoid words without it, but it’s not really working.  If I’m unsuccessful with the glue tonight, I’m afraid this is what all my posts, emails and patterns will start looking like:

I’ll have to write everythig without the letter &/or try to thik of words that do’t cotai the letter, but as you ca see, it’s damed ear impossible!  My laptop is a little older ow, but it’s still i great shape ad very usuable.  I hate the thought of havig to get a ew laptop just because I ca’t get oe of the letters to work.  I also hate the thought of havig to try to trasfer all my data & files to a ew computer.

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Damned Selfish Cat

The hubs & I have had better sleep since I’ve had to kick out the other cats from our bedroom due to my allergies.  We put up a baby gate at the top of the stairs. Brownie & Maggie are too fat and lack the agility to jump over it. The only one that can is Whitey Coyote, who actually like it that way (she’s the alpha cat).

The improved sleep is not just because of my slightly improved allergies, but largely because the cats like to hog the bed, as I’m sure all you pet owners can relate.  We only have one cat in the bed now, but she stil likes to hog the bed. Poor Mr. CD has been pushed to the edge of the bed and gets closer to the verge of falling off as the night progresses.

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Petrified Pussycat

Oh the humiliation! This Xmas weekend, we had a special visitor – Lola, a rambunctious 8 month old pit/lab puppy.

Our cats, who have never ventured more than 50 feet outside of our door were not happy with a strange animal they have never encountered in the house. After about 1 day and a half, Brownie and Fat Maggie were not as scared anymore. They still kept their distance but would perch by the window or couch and hiss at Lola whenever the dog got close. However, not our resident bully, Whitey Coyote, who hid behind our headboard in the bedroom whenever she heard the dog in the house. As it turns out, this big bully (who likes to play alpha-cat and beat up on her siblings), is the biggest scaredy-cat of all.

As she was hanging out in the living room one day, poor Whitey Coyote was caught off-guard when the dog was allowed back into the house for the evening. With nowhere to go, she wedged herself between the wall and couch. To further the humiliation, everyone in the house came to laugh at and document her predicament.

Poor Lola was so sad and disappointed that her feline cousins would not play with her. At her house, her best friend is a kitten, so she thought that these feline cousins would play with her. My sister, her boyfriend and Lola have now left to camp in Death Valley. Before their departure, I made Lola a little scarf out of some recycled felted sweaters. The toggle button is also a felted sweater piece. Doesn’t she look mighty fine?

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Staying In

Luckily, my home, my family and the area in which I live is safe from the multiple fires burning rampant in Southern California. However, even with all the doors and windows closed, the winds are blowing all sorts of allergens and irritants that sneak through the tiniest of crevices into the house. I already suffer from terrible year-round allergies and mild asthma, and all the dust and smoke is knocking my entire body out of whack, even with a slew of drugs. Thus, not wanting to aggravate my lungs and sinus further, I think I will remain a shut-in for the majority of the week.

Last night, instead of going to spinning group with my fiber friends, Carolyn came over to my house and spun on her Ashford Traveler. I had already finished plying “cotton candy” (but haven’t yet blocked it) and didn’t want to spin undyed roving, so I worked on the lace stole for my stepmother instead. It’s going slowly, but I’ve completed half of it already. I contemplated doing 2 separate halves and then grafting it together, but the pattern is small enough that I don’t think it’d obvious which way is which, and so certainly, not worth the trouble of trying to graft over 100 stitches.

I also tried to dry a couple of hats a little before I attempted to block by laying them on a towel on my kitchen table. To my surprise, I found one of the cats on the hats. I had not expected one of the naughty ones to bother with the hats because they were wet, but I guess I was wrong. The gray hat is a gift for a Buddhist nun, so now I have to re-wash it and pick out all the cat hairs. Damn cat!

This is another one of the photos I scanned Sunday night. I’m not sure when it was taken, but I’m estimating that my mom was probably about 20-23 years old in the photo.

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