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I brought my portfolio along with me to Sock Summit and I kept it in my tote bag along with my water bottle, which contained a tiny bit of tea in it. Of course I am brilliant and did not screw the bottle cap tightly enough. Thus, the tea leaked into the bottom of my bag. 😦

These got a little wet and stained in the top left corner.

Several of the hardcopy printed patterns in the portfolio got a little damp and tea-stained at either the top right or the top left corner. Some are barely noticeable, some a little moreso, and some have a little bit of color transfer in the area where it was wet because I backed the patterns with black cardstock inside the portfolio,  but they are otherwise in great condition. Nonetheless, I can no longer use them as portfolio samples. I could sell them at a little discount for being “hurt,” but I think I’d rather give them away!

People always like giveaways right?  The giveaway includes 14 patterns – one each of Arrrgyle Skullcap, Buccaneer’s Booty, Audra, Carmen Bolero, Fu Lantern, Liana, Lillian Cardigan, Mermaid, Orinoco, Pacifica, Pfeiffer Falls, Rio Dances in the Sand, Threesome, and Twister. And, I will throw in a second bonus non-klutzified perfect condition pattern for the 5 of the lucky 14, which will also be selected and drawn at random. That’s giving away over $80 worth of patterns! You can find more details about each pattern here.

The black cardstock transferred a little bit of color to the backs of the ones that got a little wetter.

How to Get the Patterns: talk about the patterns! You can talk about it on your blog, make a comment on mine, or talk about it on Ravelry (of course don’t violate any Ravelry or group posting rules). You can do a review, say what you’d do to modify it for yourself, suggest it to someone who might be looking for a specific type of pattern, or whatever strikes your fancy, etc. If you talk about any of the patterns on your blog, do a trackback blog post link or link my blog/site. I am able to see referral site statistics from my blog/site, and if a pattern is hotlinked in the Rav forums, I see those stats too. Earburning me works too. And if you’re not sure that I’ll see it, you can add a comment to a blog post letting me know that you posted.  If you choose to post on Ravelry, because it appears there are more than 3-4 patterns named Carmen and Lillian, the hotlink works better if you type “Carmen Bolero” and “Lillian Cardigan.” I *heart* modern technology.

These got a little wet and stained in the top right corner.

How Winners Will Be Selected: The contest period commenced on Aug. 11, 2009 and will end on Sept. 30, 2009. To make selecting and tracking easier, I’m checking the Rav and my stats everyday. I copy the username and/or referrer’s blog onto a running list organized chronologically and by date and source. I’ll then select the winners using a random number generator/picker. 🙂 Multiple mentions and posts count separately. The first selected will have top pick as to which pattern she wants, then the 2nd person, then the 3rd, and so forth. I’ll snail mail the patterns to the winners. The 14 winners’ names will go into another random drawing for the additional 5 bonus patterns.


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I’m happy to announce that some of my patterns are now on Patternfish!  So you have another option or source to purchase one of my knitting patterns. So far, I’ve listed Orinoco, Carmen, Audra, and Pacifica.  I also plan to add Twister, Arrrgyle Skullcap and Fu Lantern as well.  You an find information, additional photos and details about all my patterns, both magzine/book published and self-published on my Patterns Page.

If you’re not already aware, Patternfish is an excellent site where you can purchase PDF patterns.  Patternfish incoporates a great searchable database that allows you to search for patterns with very specific parameters.  For example, let’s say you want to knit a hooded cardigan, but you don’t want to bother with set-in sleeves, would like it to be something fairly simple with a V-neck.  Through Patternfish, you can check “cardigan” under the Garment/Item Type, then go to Technique/Styles and click “knit/purl,” “raglan,” and “hood.”  You can refined it much more, but with the aforementioned attributes, Patternfish comes up with 2 pages of patterns that fit the bill.

Here’s a description from their site:

“We intend to offer everything: new, old, indie, corporate, vintage, modern, classic, and offbeat, from all over the world. We currently have 3377 patterns from the United States, Canada, Britain, New Zealand, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Ireland, France, and Turkey. We’re looking to broaden that base as much as we can.”

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I have hinted that I have many things going on this summer and many patterns to release.  One of them is this sleek and fun shrug, Orinoco. I’ve already posted a pattern page and have already listed it on Ravelry. So far, I have received very positive comments and feedback on the design.

In particular,  I received a warm and fuzzy phone call from Tricia of Frog Tree Yarns when she received the display copies of the pattern and the sample garment that I sent.  She really gave me the best compliment and said that she really loves the shrug and how the pattern is written and organized.  ::blush with giant goofy grin::  Orinoco will be showing at their booth at TNNA in Columbus, and the icing on this cake is that Frog Tree will be carrying and selling my pattern to your LYSs! So, if you like my stuff, help this starving artist out by telling your LYS that you want to see my stuff in their shops.  🙂

Orinoco features Frog Tree’s new yarn Meriboo, a super blend of merino and bamboo fibers, has a really nice feel and sheen to it. My sample knitter loved it so much, that I think she’ll be enhancing her stash with some very soon. Handicraft Café does carry several colors of Meriboo and other Frog Tree yarns, though Meriboo hasn’t been listed on the site yet.  If you are a savvy and socially conscious consumer,  you’ll definitely want to support Frog Tree not just for their quality and well-priced yarns, but also because it is a not-for-profit company that works with local communities and cooperatives in South America, and that all their products are fair trade.

At first, I was a little stumped regarding naming this pattern. But then as I looked at the large cabled texture on my swatch and my sketches, I was reminded of some giant boulders that I touched and climbed.  This pattern is named for a hike along the bottom of a dry Orinoco River, one of the 100s of memories I have from a 2 week trek and camp into the Venezuelan Amazon. (When I get a chance later this summer, I will dig out and scan some of my photos from my trip and post about the trip.)

The shrug is a relatively quick knit, simple enough not to drive you batty, but with enough interest so that you don’t get bored.  I really like options and versatility in a pattern, so I wrote this one up to give you options.  It’s like one of those choose-your-own-adventure novels you read as a kid: You can make the shrug with or without a border, make it with 2 different border patterns, and make it either long sleeved or with a 3/4 sleeve.  And, as with all my patterns, they are well-tested and edited, and meticulously laid out in a pleasing and easy-to-read style.

I will have 4 other designs to reveal over the next month.  They are all designed with SWTC yarn in mind.  Below are a couple of teasers of two of the projects.

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