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As I try to balance getting ready for Stitches West, like teaching and getting products and samples to vendors, trying to finish the collection for Manos del Uruguay yarns, a recent health scare and other normal life things, I find that my brain won’t stop! It seems like that’s always the case…when I’m super busy, my brain always seem to go into overdrive and come up with lots of creative thoughts and ideas, ideas for which I don’t have time to develop when I’m super busy. One of the many reasons for the inspiration is all the lovely colors, yarns and other products that I find and see at TNNA.

TNNA sample yarns & products. TNNA sample yarns & products.

TNNA sample yarns & products. TNNA sample yarns & products.

Clockwise from top left: (1) amazingly deep rich colors of fingering weight yarn handdyed by Baah Yarn; (2) I love the versatility of Berroco Ultra Alpaca and got a sample of the Ultra Alpaca Fino, along with a couple skeins of Flicker to swatch and experiement with; (3) a fantastic new line of yarns from Erika Knight featuring British wools. I’m super-excited and inspired by Fur and can’t wait to play with all these yarns; (4) I love HiyaHiya sharp stainless needles! I already have a set of their interchangables but I bought a 2 more sets, since a designer can never have too many needles!

TNNA sample yarns & products.

I mentioned earlier and on Twitter that Anzula would be selling kits of my new pattern set, Fantome Hat and Cowl at a retailer-only event at TNNA. If you’re going to Stitches West, Anzula will be selling the kits to the general knitting public, as well as several of my patterns like Haiku and hats from the Liberation collection.

Brave knitting is grafting live stitches off the needles. #knitting Teaching materials.

Above left is a photo of Project 5 for the Manos Collection. I made a mistake in my spreadsheet and ended up cutting out 5-6″ of my knitting, which was faster than ripping out everything. After correcting it, I reattached the border by grafting the edging back to the body of the garment. I guess it was a good refresher for the “Kitchener Like  A Pro” class I’ll be teaching at Stitches West! The right photo is a peek at the handouts for another one of my Stitches classes.


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In June, I traveled to TNNA’s  (The National Needlearts Association) trade show. Since I exhibited at the Winter show in Phoenix, I decided to exhibit again at the larger Summer show. Exhibiting is A LOT MORE work than just attending. For one, I could not pack everything in my car and had to think of more portable and transportable displays that wouldn’t cost a ton to ship or check in. A few things that made exhibiting this time easier: (1) I shared a booth with Pam Powers again and (2) my health improved after discovering several new allergies that had made my life miserable for almost a year.

Photo: Setting up the booth.


For our booth this time, Pam and I wanted something organic and nature-like, but at the same time we wanted something brighter. We came up with the idea of doing custom-printed curtains and a cherry/ plum blossom them to pay homage to both of our heritage. Pam’s ethnic heritage is Japanese (country flower: cherry blossom), and mine is Taiwanese (country flower: plum blossom). Being closely related, both cherry and plum trees have flowers that look alike. Thus, designed cherry blossom curtain panels and table cloths, which Pam arranged to get printed. My dear friend Denise (and very talented glass artist who makes the most gorgeous and high quality stitch markers), came along and helped us with our booth.

Photos: L: My trip started out rocky with an inconsiderate passenger who kept bumping me and stuck her nasty bare feet on my seat and too close to my leg. Ewww; R: Me & Denise’s luggage. They’re mostly mine, including that long box, over 5 ft long! You gotta love duct tape!

IMG_4274 IMG_4277

Our finished booth and some extra shots of my half below. I really wish that I had room to pack my good camera. The iPhone camera is pretty good, but not great, especially with indoor lighting. All and all, Pam and I were both very pleased with our booth. We received lots of wonderful compliments on it, which made all the hard work worthwhile. If you like our stuff and your LYS doesn’t carry our patterns, please tell them to order Crafty Diversions and Pam Powers patterns from our distributor, Deep South Fibers.

IMG_4305 IMG_4304

While TNNA always results in hard work and little sleep, it is also a wonderful time spent with friends and colleagues new and old. Some of the must-have food items when I’m in Columbus are multiple trips to Jeni’s Ice Cream, drinks, dinner and laughter with friends. One of the events to which I look forward is always the Designers’ dinner hosted by my friend and hostess with the mostest Marly Bird.

Photos: Top, L & R: My first food stop after setting my stuff in the hotel was some wonderful Plum Sake and Pear Riesling sorbets at Jeni’s. OMG it was so so good!; Center, L & R: With my roommate Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark and boothmate Pam Powers at Marly’s masquerade-themed designer’s dinner; Bottom L: Hanging out with Denise in the booth; Bottom R: My friend Stephannie Tallent and I have to travel all the way to Columbus to see each other. She lives in the LA area, not too far from my home. She’s showing off her wonderfully written and inspiring new book, California Revival Knits.

IMG_4279 IMG_4282

IMG_4297 IMG_4298

IMG_4308 IMG_4309

Photos: Top, L: Wendy Bernard (author of the fantastic Custom Knits series -buy it from her site; you’ll learn lots from her) and I never get to hangout outside of email, Twitter and Facebook. It’s always fun seen her, sharing stories and having a few drinks (or more); Top, R: Enjoying a nice vodka cranberry and wearing Friday HarborBottom: On the last night in town, Denise, Pam and I (“The Americans”) had dinner with my dear friends and talented designers “the Brits” Ruth Garcia-Alcantud, Woolly Wormhead and Ann Kingstone. Man, we were loud!

IMG_4300 IMG_4315 IMG_4336

Speaking of Woolly, make sure you come back and read my blog on Friday, Aug. 14 for a Woolly Wormhead book review and giveaway!

** For up to the minute updates and news, follow me @AnneKuoLukito on Twitter or “Like” my Crafty Diversions page on Facebook! **

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This past TNNA was my 2nd Columbus and probably 5th (6th?) TNNA overall.  Every show is a little different, but always exhausting, rewarding and energizing all at the same time. This year was different for me in that it’s my first show with a new distributor, Deep South Fibers. I also was walking the floor with a different purpose: shopping for yarns for my book projects.

Right after the show, I went straight to hot & humid Houston, Tx to visit my family as a Father’s Day present to my dad. So, my update on TNNA is a bit delayed and overdue. So, here it is…

Booth & the Show Floor

I brought many of my samples for DSF to display at the booth and spent some time working the booth and chatting with various LYSOs and yarn shop representatives.  I was also able to spend some time with fellow DSF designers both at the booth and post show hours during dinner and some social bar/knitting time at one of the hotel lobbies.

Below are some photo highlights. The rest of my photos are in my Flickr album.



Above: My areas in the DSF booth. Top: I was right next to Designs by Romi, whose shawls hung to the right of my Issara coat and Weekend Shawl. Bottom: Table with my hats, some other accessories and my “posse” buttons.

IMG_0956 IMG_0929

Left: Ysolda Teague and Stefanie Japel at Ysolda’s photo booth.  Both of them are also fellow DSF designers. Ysolda generously gifted me a copy of her wonderful book, Little Red in the City. I haven’t really had a chance to look through it in detail, but it looks really wonderful. I’ll have to spend some time examining it and giving it a proper review later.  Right: The beautiful Kristi Porter signing “More Knitting in the Sun.” The hat on the table just happens to be my design contribution to the book, “Eloise.”

IMG_0927 IMG_0979

Left: With friend and writing mentor Cat Bordhi at the Visionaries booth. Right: Stefanie Japel (with whom I had great fun being roomies!) and I visiting my talented friend and fellow Visionary Debby Accuardi at the Pico Accuardi booth. (I’m wearing Elizabeth Zimmermann in the photo.)


Above: Why yes, that is the great Barbara Walker! She was there for 1 day and I introduced myself to her again (I first met and chatted with her at Sock Summit 2009) and showed her my “Barbara G. Walker” hat that she so graciously allowed me to honor her by naming it after her. She was so humble and said to me “I am so honored that you named it after me. I’ve never had a pattern named after me before.”  Seriously, Ms. Walker? Believe me, it is I who feels blessed and honored! The sample I’m holding up is the one worked in Tactile Fiber Arts Tencel-Merino.

IMG_0952 IMG_0955

Left: Super fun and lovely lady was a fan of my hats and tried on most of them! She’s from Amitie + Passion in Quebec, Canada (address: 4 rue Jacques-Cartier, Sallaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC J6P 4T4). She’s wearing “Septima Clark” and I’m wearing “Eleanor Roosevelt.” Right: Janet from The Salty Sheep in NC, trying on “ Issara.”

IMG_0961 IMG_0978
Left: Holy Cow! My first magazine cover! I can’t wait until Knitscene’s Fall 2011 issue hits the newsstands! The design on the cover is Lepidoptera. Right: Sarah Bible of Ravelry looking super fabulous with her very important WIP.

IMG_0981 IMG_0959
Left: I finally “officially” met Norah Gaughan at the Berroco Yarn Bar (fun, right!?) Pictured are Stefanie, me, Norah Gaughan and Amanda Keep. Right: Teva Durham, who I credit to really encouraging me to write a book last year, signing her new book, Loop d Loop Lace.

Designers’ Dinner & Social Time

Part of TNNA is networking and socializing with your friends in the industry, old and new. The networking included dinner, lunches, ice cream/coffee and knitting in one of the hotel bar/lobbies everyday. One of the events, a Designers’ dinner organized by Marly Bird, was the highlight. Marly went all out in finding us a lovely venue for over 60 designers and getting some wonderful sponsors who contributed some gift bags that made us feel like A-list rock start Hollywood celebs.  To thank my fans and blog readers (and really, I can’t keep all this stuff), I’m giving away most of the things in my goody bag, including a Namaste bag! I’ll post the details in my next blog post.


Having a great laugh at the Designer’s dinner: Woolly Wormhead, Andi Smith (KnitBrit),  Miriam Felton and Ann Kingstone.

IMG_0913 IMG_0911

At the Designers’ dinner with (left) Miriam Felton and (right) Kimberly Reynolds, aka somebunnyslove.

IMG_0934 IMG_0943

Left: I dined with some friends that I’m always delighted to see, Kate Oates, Stefanie Japel, Robyn Chachula and Simona Merchant-Dest. Right: I was absolutely delighted to have finally met Woolly Wormhead, who is an absolute delight and a fellow DSF designer. I was also very happy to meet Carol Feller and Ann Kingstone, who traveled from Ireland and the UK, respectively. We had some great laughs over drinks and dinner over some silly things, like the different UK and American terminologies.



Above: The 3 photos above show the tons of people (mostly designers at this location, but also yarnies and publishers) hanging out nightly at the hotel lobby & bar. It was a ginormous knitting circle! Some of the other wonderful people with whom I enjoyed chatting included Laura NelkinKristen TendykeMercedes Tarasovich-Clark (Pie Bird Designs/ Kitchen Sink Dyeworks), Bonne Marie Burns (Chic Knits), Shannon Okey (Knitgrrl), Rosemary Hill (Designs by Romi), Anne HansonAnnie Modesitt, Benjamin Levisay (Knitting Universe/ XRX/ Stitches Events), Joanna Johnson, Mary-Heather Cogar, Alisha Goes Around, Sabrina Famellos (Anzula Luxury Yarns),  Mary Beth Temple, Sarah Stanfield, Michelle Miller (Fickleknits), Amy Polcyn, and Grace Akhrem. For the first time, in person, I also met Heather Dixon (Army of Knitters), Petite Purls‘ Allegra and Brandy,  Jaala Spiro of KnitCircus, Sarah Wilson, Anna Dalvi, Deb Robson (I got a copy of her fabulous new book “The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook” – I’ll need to make time to review that one as well!).

Whew! I’ve never made that many links before, and still, I know that there are many others that I forgot to list, and even more folks that I wished that I had more time to chat with. Please forgive me if you are one of those folks.

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See part 1 of my TNNA post here.

Designs on Display

Aside from all the wonderful people that I get to see and meet every time I attend TNNA, one of the highlights for me as a designer is seeing my garments on display at the various vendor booths. It’s a great way for cross-promotion and how can one now be happy saying “Look, this is mine on display!”

At this particular show, my garments were on display at the following booths: Stitch Cooperative, Bijou Basin Ranch, Mountain Meadow Wool and The Fibre Company. I usually try to take photos of my stuff at the various booths, such as this photo of the Empyrean Tunic on display at the Interweave Knits booth, but I forgot to take pictures of the Stitch Cooperative and The Fibre Company booths.

IMGP4830 IMGP4828

IMGP4829 IMGP4847

Photos above show my garments at the Bijou Basin Ranch booth. Clockwise from L: (1) my color work hats; (2) my color work hats Spectacle beret and the Mahika beanie; (3) Kate Oates modeling the Mera shrug (it has reversible cable edging!); (4) Mera on display.


IMGP4872 eDSC01979

Photos above, clockwise: (1) Me modeling Cocoon at the Mountain Meadow Wool booth. The Cocoon pattern will be released in mid-July; (2) Valerie of  MMW posing next to the wrap on display at their front table; (3) from a recent photo shoot taken on World Wide Knit in Public day


Photo above: While working and hanging out at the Stitch Cooperative booth, I had an opportunity to flip through Annie Modesitt’s new book, 1000 hats. I was pretty elated to see that pretty much all my submissions made it into the book, so much so that I hardly noticed that smack in the center of the cover is my Threesome hat, modeled by my friend Jeff and his cute daughter Gigi.

I Missed My Garment at the Fashion Show

The Fashion Show is a TNNA event that occurs the Friday night before the TNNA exhibit hall opens.  It’s where designers, yarn companies and publishers show their products and garments to the industry and buyers (retailers, LYSs).  Because I didn’t get into Columbus until Saturday morning, I missed the show.

It was quite unfortunate, because I later found out from Lisa Shroyer and Sharon Riggs of Interweave that their boss, Marilyn Murphy had elected to wear my Empyrean Tunic (Interweave Knits, Summer 2010) to accept an award she was receiving! Click here to get to the Ravelry page for Emyprean.

Interweave posted a video of Marilyn Murphy’s acceptance speech.  You can’t see much of my garment, except for the neckline, because the podium pretty much blocks everything. However, nonetheless, it’s a nice speech.

Cool Booths

One of the the most fun booths (besides the Stitch Cooperative one, that is ;)) is Ysolda Teague’s booth, which was located caddy-corner from Stitch Coop’s. Ysolda had a quirky, creative and brightly inviting booth with garment samples of her work and other designer friends works.  Everyday she had a little tea party, where folks stopped by to chat, socialize and have tea and snacks. One of the main highlights of her booth was a photo booth! Click here to see her photo booth photos.



Photos from top: (1) Ysolda’s photo booth wall; (2) Melissa Werhle, me and Bobsolda and me wearing one of my favorite Ysolda garments; (3) Melissa, who was my roommate for one night, and I hanging out during teatime on Ysolda’s couch.

Other Events & Goodies

Among the many TNNA events, there are usually other business and activities to be conducted, such as several meetings I had for the Association of Knitwear Designers and a dinner for designers, editors, publishers, etc. hosted by Marlaina Bird. I didn’t take any really great photos from the designer’s dinner, but Cecily Glowik-MacDonald, Jess Forbes (Ravelry), and several others did! You can find all their great photos and many others in the Flickr Hello from TNNA group.

By the way, I love this photo of Kristen TenDyke and me that Cecily took, and I absolutely love this portrait of Jess.

IMGP4876 Monday night, after TNNA officially ended, some of my friends and I went out for a nice fun dinner and shopping, where I spotted these sexy shoes.  I didn’t buy them, though I think they look freaking hot, but I just know that I can’t rock 5″ heels (that I’ll only wear very infrequently) without doing some serious damage to my face or ankles when inevitably trip and fall.

Until next year Columbus!
IMGP4886 IMGP4889 IMGP4888 IMGP4885

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While I’ve been to several TNNA trade shows, I’ve never been to the one in Columbus until now. (For those of you who don’t know, The National Needleart Association (TNNA) holds 4 trade shows a year. As far as knitters, crocheters and the yarn industry is concerned, the 2 big ones to go to is the summer show in Columbus, OH and the winter show held either in Long Beach, CA or San Diego, CA. Columbus is the biggest one.)

When I attend TNNA, I usually go wearing 2 hats: retailer and designer. This time, I went wearing those 2 hats, plus one of an exhibitor since I am now a member of Stitch Cooperative.

I Scream for Ice Cream

One of the first thing everyone who has been to Columbus tells me is “Go to Jeni’s ice cream!” It’s like a mantra. Even non-knitterly folks who’ve been to Columbus tell me to eat at Jeni’s. While I may be quite smare sometimes, I’m not stupid not to heed that kind of advice!

IMGP4841 IMGP4844


My virgin Jeni’s experience consisted of Meyer Lemon Blueberry with Gravel Road on a cone. It was actually my second breakfast. I love being an adult! Having ice cream for breakfast really is not bad at all because my selection met all the important food groups: fruit/veggie, protein, grain and dairy.

Stitch Cooperative

Stitch Cooperative is a pattern distribution company comprised of several top indie designers. It’s designer owned and run. Yarn shops can buy hardcopy patterns from Stitch Coop and also get involved with the digital affiliate program (basically, just sign up, add a link and get money when customers buy pdf patterns!).

Stitch Coop members recently decided to add a few new designers and yours truly was included in that new member group. I was floored and so very honored and flattered to have been selected and  invited to join such an esteemed group of designers such as Shannon Okey, Annie Modesitt, Stefanie Japel, Kristi Porter, Miriam Felton, just to name a few!

To help network, brand and just to have fun, Stitch Coop had a party at TNNA. The party was graciously and generously sponsored and supported by Bijou Basin Ranch and Buffalo Gold. The very clever Annie Modesitt had a decorative stamp made with our logo and our sponsors’ logos with which we stamped tables, napkins and gave ourselves and our guests “tattoos.”

IMGP4832 IMGP4833

IMGP4834 IMGP4835
Photos, clockwise: (1) Kristi Porter and Miriam Felton. I love Miriam’s face!; (2) Shannon Okey was the only one daring enough to sampe her chest; (3) me and my arm tattoo; (4) party-goers and invited guests.

While the party was fun, we also had some business to attend to, which involved a meeting we had with Team Ravelry. Of course, you can’t have a decent meeting without a nice little bar, an adorable baby or some bad-ass toenails. I ended up being the de facto photographer, though I think I did a poor job if it (hey, it was a very looong day with little sleep the night before, and I had already drank half of my vodka tonic).

IMGP4860 IMGP4856

IMGP4858 IMGP4859

IMGP4862 IMGP4855

Photos, clockwise: (1) You really can’t have a decent meeting without a bar, thanks to Annie and Shannon!; (2) a blurry picture of (L-R) Kristen TenDyke, Jess Forbes, Robin Chachula, Stefanie Japel and Mary-Heather Cogar; (3) Shannon enjoying her drink; (4) Miriam Felton, Dora Ohrenstein, Sarah B., and Casey Bobfather Forbes; (5) Mary-Heather, Stefanie with baby Olive (cutest ever!) and Kristi Porter; (6) Shannon and Stefanie found out that they had the same polish colors (unplanned!) when they shared the same ottoman. The other foot is mine.


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I’ve been a little behind in my blog posts lately. I am so smare that I managed to injure myself in my sleep – I somehow injured my trapezius and perhaps deltoid muscles on my left side. The injury has been rather painful and debilitating to say the least, but I suppose things could be a lot worse. Nonetheless, thus for over 2 weeks now, I have not been able to move much, let alone type or knit.  The only thing that kept my sanity is that prior to the injury, the hubby passed on his 1st generation Kindle to me and I’ve at least been able to read and manage the Kindle with one working arm. If it weren’t for the Kindle, I could not have been able to escape staring at the ceiling and finished those fat books from the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Visions of the adventures of Jamie and Claire have also saved me hours of infinite frustration and boredom. (Ahem, so okay, I admit to having fantasies of Jamie Fraser, but little good it did me since there was little I could to do enjoy my fantasies since I could barely even move my head, arm or shoulder without excruciating pain.)

Anyway, I finished the last 3 books during this time: The Fiery Cross, Breath of Snow and Ashes and Echo in the Bone. Now that I’ve finished the entire series, which is a departure from my normal reading list repertoire*, I am not quite sure if I want to reread them now or to reward myself later after I’ve caught up with some of the things that got delayed as a result of my injury, which is still a long ways from being 100% recovered. (* I’ve been know to read mostly nonfiction and fiction works by Asian-American and foreign authors and none of those books have ever been categorized as “romance” though I’d say the Outlander books aren’t exactly easily classified as that either.)

New Pattern Release

I have a knitting update. I released Eleanor Roosevelt, the 5th pattern in the Liberation collection. The hat named after the 1st lady, is a slouchy beret-type hat with a visor. It features 2 shirred panels and is worked flat.

More TNNA Updates

I’ve also be remiss in my Winter TNNA updates.  I mentioned before that I was on a Designer’s panel at TNNA. The experience was rather interesting and being that this was the first panel of its kind, I think that it went well. We received quite a lot of interest and positive feedback, as well as a request to continue the panel in June at the Columbus trade show, which is much larger and better attended than the Long Beach one.

My friend Kristie (also my helper and awesome sample knitter), was kind enough to allow me to share a photo she took of the panel:

Panel Members, from L to R: Chris DeLongpre, Anne Kuo Lukito, Kate Gilbert, Clara Parkes, Eunny Jang and Laura Bryant (click on image to enlarge)

One of the many exciting moments of walking the TNNA trade show floor is meeting new and old friends and acquaintances. Another giddy and silly excitement as a designer is when you unexpectedly spot one of your garments in a booth. Granted, I had some samples in booths of which I was aware, such as Alice Paul and Septima Clark at The Fibre Company booth and Orinoco at the Frog Tree booth, which is exciting in itself. However, it’s not the same as an unexpected good surprise – two in fact!

First, something that I had not expected to see was flyers of the Spring 2010 issue of Interweave Knits featuring the Rose Window Beret (Pattern page link for Ravelers here). Unfortunately, I forgot to take and scan a copy of the flyer to show you all. There was also a galley copy of the issue at the Interweave Press booth.

Image Copyright by Interweave Press. See Spring 2010 preview: http://www.interweaveknits.com/ preview/spring-knits-2010.asp

Another unexpected sight was seeing my tunic on display at the Interweave Press booth. This tunic (I don’t know what the official title of the piece will be yet) was originally supposed to appear in the Spring 2010 issue of Interweave Knits as well. However, just last week, I received an email from editor Eunny Jang (and fellow panelist!) that due to space issues in the Spring issue, she’d like to move it to the Summer 2010 issue. So bar any other delays, consider the following a super sneak preview to the Interweave Knits Summer 2010 issue. 🙂

One of the Interweave staff members luckily didn't think I was too wacky in my excitement (thank goodness!) and volunteered to take a photo of me with my garment. Click on image to see Flickr notes.

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First, I must apologize for the delayed posting.  The infected spider bite threw me off — I am so glad that I went to the clinic when I did, because the damn thing was still spreading after taking the antibiotics for 1-2 days. Although the main swelling had gone down, the redness and the perimeter of the infection grew almost to my ankle.  eek! I am fine now.  Thanks to everyone’s emails.

The final chapter of my TNNA adventures…

SUNDAY, January 18, 2009
The first event I participated in this morning was a wonderful sweater sizing and design class with Ms. Glampyre Knits, Stefanie Japel.  Stefanie was well-organized, very approachable, and a great teacher. The one downside was that her class was a short 2 hours, when the spectrum of material she was covering could easily span 4-6 hours.

After the class, my friends, aka the Handicraft Café “entourage,” and I walked the market floors and stood in line for Stefanie to autograph her first book, Fitted Knits, and her new book, Glam Knits. I absolutely love the photography and stylings in Glam Knits.

(click for larger image)

Aside from shopping for the shop, three of my must-see stops were the booths of Stitch Cooperative, Frog Tree Yarns and Southwest Trading Company.

Stitch Cooperative

I had to stop by this booth for 2 reasons: (1) we needed to get more info for our shop and (2) I was there to pick up postcards for Knitting in the Sun and to meet Kristi Porter, author of the book personally.  I have 2 designs titled “Yehliu” and “Alishan” that will be included in the book.

Postcards front and back.  The red top that Kristi is wearing is my Alishan pattern!

Postcards front and back. The red top that Kristi is wearing is my "Alishan" pattern!

Check out Kristi’s fabulous sweater (wink, wink) in the postcard! It’s mine! It was really hard to contain my giddy squeeeee in the middle of the market floor after finding out that Kristi was wearing my garment in the promo photos (and it would have been embarrassing because there were other people nearby, including other well-known designers in the Stitch Cooperative booth, and vendors).

It was a good thing that knitting Alishan didn’t kill me.  Alishan was knit with KidLin by Louet, which is a fantastic yarn, but not so fantastic when your allergies decide to go haywire, as mine had when I was trying to get the project out.  Fortunately for me, Kristi was very kind and understanding.  🙂

What was equally exhilarating was to find out that my other garment, Yehliu, was hanging in the Lorna’s Laces booth:

Beth Casey must have thought that I was a huge dork when I bounced into the booth and asked if I could take a picture with my garment.

If I remember correctly, I think I was kind of like a Mexican jumping bean when I asked.  Too bad the lighting at the trade show was crappy because it does not show off the beautiful color and sheen of the garment.  The yarn used was the super luscious Lion and Lamb.

Right now, the shop is not carrying Lorna’s Laces yet, but we hope to be able to add that to our shop very soon.  (stupid economy has delayed our plans to have the physical shop a little more. )

Frog Tree Yarns

Our second must-visit stop was the fabulous not-for-profit and fair trade company of Frog Tree Yarns.  Their yarns are selling very well for Handicraft Café, so we had to do lots of restocking of the Alpaca Sport. My other motive for stopping by was to talk to Frog Tree about doing some design work for them.  They liked my stuff and presentation enough that they wanted me to formally submit something, which to date, I have done, and things are looking pretty well.

Southwest Trading Company

We then stopped by the SWTC to do some shopping, where we purchased more yarns, including the new

Aubrey and me with Joe Raffino of SWTC.

Aubrey and me with Joe Raffino of SWTC.

Therapi line made with Jade! (All the yarns are still trickling in and we haven’t listed all the ones that have arrived, but you can usually get updates on our blog and on our Ravelry group.)

Again, I had another motive for visiting SWTC, because I was pitching some design ideas to Jonelle Raffino, president of SWTC, and author of a new sock knitting book.  Within about 2 weeks after TNNA and my conversations with Jonelle, I formally submitted several design ideas to her, and like with Frog Tree, things are looking very well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and will reveal more information fairly soon.

I also owe Jonelle a big thank you, because a hour or two after talking to her, she called me back to her booth to tell me that she had just personally recommended me to the editor of a magazine that was looking for a jacket pattern for their November issue.  I submitted a couple of sketches to the editor, and because it was last minute (literally – no joke), I didn’t even get a chance to do swatches.  Luckily, the editor liked what she saw and we’ve hammered out a deal for the magazine.  I really don’t want to say more at this point since we don’t have a formally signed contract yet, but I’m sure I will reveal more when I am able.

Last but Not Least…

As we walked through the Interweave booth, my good friend Kristie, who does some sample and test knitting for some known designers and me, spotted “Rick,” the sample she knitted for Cookie A.’s (blog) upcoming sock book. I can’t be more happy for Kristie! We also were able to flip through a  galley copy of Cookie’s book, and it looks like it will be a sure-fire winner. The layout, photos, style and text are all very pleasing to the eye, seemingly easy to use and 100% drool-worthy, even for non-sock knitters.

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