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If you know me, I don’t do malls. I hate them. The curmudgeon in me hates all the crowds, the teens, the overabundance of stuff and the over-sensory assaults. I only go to malls when I absolutely have to, like I can’t get what I need from smaller stores or the internet, or when my in-laws are here. My in-laws always shop when they are here, and the good daughter-in-law in me takes them to malls if they want to go. Of course, I avoid giant malls like South Coast Plaza at all cost.

Anyway, I’ve managed to avoid malls the last 2 times the in-laws were here. That means that I had not set food in a traditional mall in over 3 years. However, on Dec. 4, I made an exception.

I went to the Main Place Mall in Santa Ana for the first time ever in the 8 years I’ve been living in Orange County. I went to participate, volunteer and help out at a knit-a-thon event for the Susan G. Komen foundation. The event was hosted and sponsored by Spa Gregories, which is selling all the donated goodies at their stores and they will in turn over the proceeds to the Komen foundation for breast cancer research.

IMGP5715 - Marie wearing Carmen! IMGP5717 - Marie wearing Carmen!

My friend Marie, who is sporting her latest finished knit, which is one of my patterns: Carmen. Marie helped organize raffle prizes for participants.

IMGP5719 IMGP5706 - Beret

IMGP5701 - Reversible headbands IMGP5700

IMGP5702 IMGP5725 - Beret

In addition to about 5-6 finished knits and 3 reversible headbands that I made, I also donated and gave away several patterns for the raffle prizes and also gave away lots of coupons for discounts off my pattern store.

IMGP5707 IMGP5708

IMGP5709 IMGP5711 - Jean

IMGP5713 - Christine IMGP5727 - Donation table IMGP5728 - Donation table

IMGP5729 - Donation table IMGP5726 - Donation table

Lots of folks came out to the knitathon. There were also a few generous knitters and crocheters, who stopped by to drop off their donations even though they were not able to stay and knit. There were TONS of knitted, crocheted and stitched items on that donation table!

A reporter from the OC Register also came out to interview participants. Here’s the article.


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Using a random number generator, the winners for the I’m a Klutz Pattern Giveaway are….
::drum roll:

  1. jmywest@….
  2. Ilythya
  3. Emmy/ xcupidxstuntx@…
  4. Neraulia
  5. Knitmeahamster
  6. Luminea
  7. Bekbek
  8. Silverlotus
  9. Ilythya
  10. Ruth/ Ruth@…
  11. Pikkle
  12. Veggie
  13. Knitmeahamster
  14. Knitticism

Congrats to all of you!!  Winners are ranked according to the order in which the number generator spit out the numbers. jmywest will have top pick of the 14 patterns available, then Ilythya and so forth. Unfortunately, Knitticism will get the leftover pickings. The top five winners will also be able to pick one new, unklutzified pattern of their choosing.

If You Are a Winner….

  1. Send me your mailing address, and don’t forget to give me your real name too. Top 5 winners: please also give me your Ravelry name if you would like the bonus pattern to go into your Ravelry library.
  2. Email me your pattern preferences. Giving me a range would be very helpful in case the one you want is claimed by someone of a higher rank than you.
  3. Also, I’ll be listing the winners and linking your Ravelry name (or website) in my next newsletter/posting to my mailing list. So if you have a site you want me to link to, let me know.

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I brought my portfolio along with me to Sock Summit and I kept it in my tote bag along with my water bottle, which contained a tiny bit of tea in it. Of course I am brilliant and did not screw the bottle cap tightly enough. Thus, the tea leaked into the bottom of my bag. 😦

These got a little wet and stained in the top left corner.

Several of the hardcopy printed patterns in the portfolio got a little damp and tea-stained at either the top right or the top left corner. Some are barely noticeable, some a little moreso, and some have a little bit of color transfer in the area where it was wet because I backed the patterns with black cardstock inside the portfolio,  but they are otherwise in great condition. Nonetheless, I can no longer use them as portfolio samples. I could sell them at a little discount for being “hurt,” but I think I’d rather give them away!

People always like giveaways right?  The giveaway includes 14 patterns – one each of Arrrgyle Skullcap, Buccaneer’s Booty, Audra, Carmen Bolero, Fu Lantern, Liana, Lillian Cardigan, Mermaid, Orinoco, Pacifica, Pfeiffer Falls, Rio Dances in the Sand, Threesome, and Twister. And, I will throw in a second bonus non-klutzified perfect condition pattern for the 5 of the lucky 14, which will also be selected and drawn at random. That’s giving away over $80 worth of patterns! You can find more details about each pattern here.

The black cardstock transferred a little bit of color to the backs of the ones that got a little wetter.

How to Get the Patterns: talk about the patterns! You can talk about it on your blog, make a comment on mine, or talk about it on Ravelry (of course don’t violate any Ravelry or group posting rules). You can do a review, say what you’d do to modify it for yourself, suggest it to someone who might be looking for a specific type of pattern, or whatever strikes your fancy, etc. If you talk about any of the patterns on your blog, do a trackback blog post link or link my blog/site. I am able to see referral site statistics from my blog/site, and if a pattern is hotlinked in the Rav forums, I see those stats too. Earburning me works too. And if you’re not sure that I’ll see it, you can add a comment to a blog post letting me know that you posted.  If you choose to post on Ravelry, because it appears there are more than 3-4 patterns named Carmen and Lillian, the hotlink works better if you type “Carmen Bolero” and “Lillian Cardigan.” I *heart* modern technology.

These got a little wet and stained in the top right corner.

How Winners Will Be Selected: The contest period commenced on Aug. 11, 2009 and will end on Sept. 30, 2009. To make selecting and tracking easier, I’m checking the Rav and my stats everyday. I copy the username and/or referrer’s blog onto a running list organized chronologically and by date and source. I’ll then select the winners using a random number generator/picker. 🙂 Multiple mentions and posts count separately. The first selected will have top pick as to which pattern she wants, then the 2nd person, then the 3rd, and so forth. I’ll snail mail the patterns to the winners. The 14 winners’ names will go into another random drawing for the additional 5 bonus patterns.

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I’m happy to announce that some of my patterns are now on Patternfish!  So you have another option or source to purchase one of my knitting patterns. So far, I’ve listed Orinoco, Carmen, Audra, and Pacifica.  I also plan to add Twister, Arrrgyle Skullcap and Fu Lantern as well.  You an find information, additional photos and details about all my patterns, both magzine/book published and self-published on my Patterns Page.

If you’re not already aware, Patternfish is an excellent site where you can purchase PDF patterns.  Patternfish incoporates a great searchable database that allows you to search for patterns with very specific parameters.  For example, let’s say you want to knit a hooded cardigan, but you don’t want to bother with set-in sleeves, would like it to be something fairly simple with a V-neck.  Through Patternfish, you can check “cardigan” under the Garment/Item Type, then go to Technique/Styles and click “knit/purl,” “raglan,” and “hood.”  You can refined it much more, but with the aforementioned attributes, Patternfish comes up with 2 pages of patterns that fit the bill.

Here’s a description from their site:

“We intend to offer everything: new, old, indie, corporate, vintage, modern, classic, and offbeat, from all over the world. We currently have 3377 patterns from the United States, Canada, Britain, New Zealand, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Ireland, France, and Turkey. We’re looking to broaden that base as much as we can.”

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Carmen is finally available! I just released the third of five patterns that I’m working on in collaboration with Southwest Trading Company.

Trunk Shows On The Road

Carmen and her sisters Audra, Pacifica, and Lillian were on display at the SWTC booth at the TNNA (a needlearts) trade show in Columbus about 1 month ago. Currently, they are all on tour with SWTC. They will be visiting other trade, fashion and trunk shows with the SWTC team. (I staggered the releases, and Lillian will be next in line.)

The yarn I used for Carmen is Tranquility in a juicy orange color. I am a sucker for good reds and oranges. As I attested in my post about Audra, this yarn really stands up to some abuses.

Inspiration & Unique Details

Carmen continues my exploration into textures, simple lines, and unconventional knits. Also, Carmen is my first raglan-style sweater. I wanted something that had all those elements, plus some fun, so I designed Carmen to be knit in ONE seamless piece from the crown to the bolero’s edge. Then to tie everything together, stitches are picked up for a complementary textured border.

Until Carmen, I’ve always stayed away from raglan styles because overly buxom women like myself really have a hard time with such shapes. In most top-down raglan construction, one has to increase until the bust is the appropriate width. The problem with buxom women is that by the time you increase enough for the bust, we end up with “batwing” sleeves. To solve this problem for Carmen, extra stitches are cast on at the underarms to add to the bust measurement. The result is a comfortable fit with a good drape.

The sample was knitted by my good friend Kristie Naranjo, who also sample knits for Cookie A. and Chrissy Gardiner.

Carmen is a relatively simple but interesting knit and is available in eight (8) different sizes! If you don’t like cropped cardigans or boleros, you’ll be able to modify the pattern easily into a full-length cardigan simply by lengthening the body.

Refining A Pattern

I didn’t experience the type of problems with the finished sample of Carmen as I had with Audra. However, I wasn’t completely happy with the ease allowance I wrote in for the hood. I wanted the hood to have more ease than it does in the sample, but it wasn’t so much as a flaw (like Audra’s neckline) — it was more of a refinement and I didn’t feel the need to reknit the sample.

Though, prior to sending the pattern off to Michael del Vechio, of Kitting with Balls fame, to be ripped to shreds to tech edit, I changed some of the proprotions of the hood to allow a little more ease. Yes indeed, the tech editing process really redlined my copy, but I expected it. Besides, I really not the type to cry over constructive criticism. Michael and I have very different writing styles and I really wanted to have someone with such a different style to edit my work as a means for me to think outside of my box and grow as a designer. His style is American magazine style: concise and prose, like what you may see in Interweave Knits or Vogue Knitting.

A snapshot excerpt form the pattern

A snapshot excerpt from the Carmen pattern. Click for enlarged view.

I like to put little bullets in my patterns (see photo above), which has been largely favored by my knitter-consumers, test knitters and sample knitters I polled, but a definite no-no in publishing. In the end, I did incorporate some of his suggested language (and of course the errors that he found), but I still kept much of my general writing/formatting style.


(On a side note, I just joined Twitter a few days ago and my current following is dismal. I haven’t quite figured out how to get more Twitter exposure yet and am still trying to get acclimated to the culture. So if you are on there, please follow me @AnneKuoLuktio so that I don’t feel like a total loser. 🙂 Thanks!)

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