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My very good friend Linh and her husband Nick just had their first baby – a girl!  I’m so very happy for their bundle of joy, especially since Linh has always wanted a child. I finally finished the pair of booties, Tulip Toes from Knitty, I was making for her.

Pattern: Tulip Toes

Yarn: MC: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock; CC: Zitron Trekking

Size: 3-6 months

Notes: There was an error in the pattern for the eyelets and towards the end in the petal shaping for this size.  I also modified the top of the foot to be in all Stockinette Stitch instead of Garter, as the pattern calls for. I think it looks better in all St. st.  I also cheated the i-cord.  I doubled the yarn (less to knit) and made the i-cord a 2 stitch i-cord.

I also made a coordinating baby hat using the same yarns.  However, I am submitting the hat design somewhere, so I as much as I’d like to share, I cannot.  I can only show you a tiny peek of part of it:

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, Linh is the same friend who got married about 1.5 years ago, and for whom I helped do some of the things for her wedding, like her organza veil with Swarvoski crystals and this orchid tree:

During on of her visits last year, I also taught her how to knit! She’s a superstar because her very first knitting project was knitting in the round to make a baby beanie! She worked on her first project and tried it on when we went to a soccer game.


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If you are on Ravelry, it’s still not too late to join in on the Pfeiffer Falls knitalong. It’s a great way to get tips from other people knitting the pattern, and I check it frequently to offer support and assistance.  If you are not on Ravlery, you can check out the Tutorial/FAQ page for my pattern.

Photo taken by Aubrey during my trip to Seattle and Portland this past weekend.

Photo taken by Aubrey during my trip to Seattle and Portland this past weekend.

Pattern Name: Pfeiffer Falls (Interweave Knits, Winter 2008)

Project Details & Notes: I completed this sample to wear to TNNA San Diego in January. To date, according to the Ravelry member statistics, 184 projects are on the needles/are  completed, 818 people have queued this pattern and 917 people have added this pattern as their favorite.  Squeeee!

Yarn: Austerman Bambou Soft. Color: Burnt Orange, from Handicraft Café. I absolutely love this color – it’s the sole reason I chose this yarn despite the fact that the bamboo makes is much more drapey than I had designed the pattern to be.  I may have to make another sample in a fluffier yarn.

Tulip toes progress

For the last 2 months, I have been working on Tulip Toes at a glacial pace for my good friend Linh, who is expecting her first child. I actually put it off until the last possible minute.  Part of the reason is that I came across some errors in the pattern in the size that I’m knitting and just really didn’t have the desire to sit down to figure it out. I also had a competing project deadline for Knitscene’s Fall 2009 issue.

Pattern Name: Tulip Toes, Knitty Summer 2006

Pattern Detail & Notes: Size made: 3-6 months. Error in the eyelets for this size and towards the end of the petal shaping.  Alterations and modifications I made for this pattern included working the eyelets as a one-row buttonhole instead of the way it was written and I worked the top o fthe foot in Stockinette stitch instead of garter stitch.

Yarn: Main color: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock, color unknown.  Contrast Color: Zitron Trekking.  I love the way the colors work together.  I’m not much of a sock knitter so my friend Denise let me roll off a small ball of some of her lovely sock yarn for this project.

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I crossed out one pattern on my long list of patterns to complete and publish. I just finished and posted Rio Dances on the Sand onto my Ravelry Store. I also sent a copy to all the people who worked on the project for JayJay’s baby. (I hope I didn’t miss anyone!)

I keep saying that I’m going to do a mini rehaul of Crafty Diversions to include pattern sales on this site, but I don’t know when that will be. (Yikes! I’m a liar now!) In the meantime, Rio is available in my Ravelry store, and I’ll probably also sell it on my Etsy Shop, when I get around to creating a new listing.I decided to provide images of the pages of the actual pattern so that people can see how neatly arranged everything is. Of course, to protect some of the proprietary details, the images are saved in a very small resolution, and if necessary, I covered some of the images.

I also discovered (doh!) that I could put password-protected protections on the pdf files, including creating a password for people to open the file, and limiting access to the file, such as limiting the copying of images within the file. I’m definitely learning as I go. While I did not require passwords for the Ravelry sales, I have since required passwords to files I sell/send via Etsy sales. Also, now all my pdfs, including the ones available for free downloads have been secured with limitations on editing, printing and access.

Right now, I am working on a bunch of other patterns — some of which are essentially done, but I’m just waiting for good photos. I also have a hat I’m working on and hope to try again and submit to Knitty.

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and she dances on the sand…

Rio Dances On The Sand is what I think I’m going to name the baby blanket I designed for JayJay and her bundle of joy. This project has been top secret for a while and since that it has been gifted as of yesterday, I can now post about it!

Since finding out that JayJay was expecting, my knitting buddies at All Things String and I decided that we should organize and knit a baby blanket for JayJay. So, I went to work on designing a blanket and came up with a knitted quilt in some ocean/sea colors to coordinate with JayJay’s planned decor. It also ended up being quite appropriate and serendipitous since the baby’s name is Rio! (We were all in the dark about the baby’s name until after her birth.)

Aubrey, Amanda, Marie, Melyssa, Renata, Zona, Rae, Rachel and Jenn contributed to the project. We all knit various squares and triangles that were later pieced into squares. For the most part, everything went rather well, but there were a few wrinkles in the process.

The original idea and design layout was to have a substantial blanket using a total of 42 squares. The squares were either comprised of random right-angle stripes, or comprised of two 2-color triangles that were sewn together to form a square. We even had a seaming party where we arranged all the pieces, checked the numbers, pinned them together in the original layout and then sent folks home with some piecing “homework.” Then the mystery started.

I discovered that we were missing 3 of the triangle squares, with no idea of how this happened. Everything seemed okay at the seaming party, and I’m pretty sure that everyone gave me their “homework.” I even went to pick some up from Zona when she was not well. Furthermore, I stored all the yarn and blanket pieces in 1 large bag in my craft room, away from pets and untouched until I had everyone’s pieces. In the end, I had to rearrange the design and make it a 36-square blanket, which still turned out great.
Aubrey helped me piece and seam the final blanket together, and to weave in what seemed like 100s of ends. After seeing how unattractive the back was, we decided that we should back the blanket. So, while I went shopping for some cotton fleece (which Zona recommended after a frantic phone call from me), I washed the blanket in my front loader on gentle cycle. After the washing, I was flabbergasted when 3 of the triangle squares split open in the center, where the triangles were sewn together to form a square. It appeared that whoever seamed those triangles together did not do a good job of weaving in the ends, or simply just forgot, hence the splitting upon washing. Luckily, that was an easy fix.

Pattern: Rio Dances on the Sand.
Yarn: 15-16 skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash, 100% wool
Needles:US 7 (4.5mm) needles, or needles to obtain gauge
Notes: I’m working on formatting the pattern onto a pdf document right now. The backing is cotton fleece, first tacked and tied with yarn and then attached by hand-sewing a blind running stitch.

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When’s Your Turn?

Within a month of getting married, my mother-in-law called to ask if I was pregnant yet. We’ve been married 6 years, and the questions have not stopped from family and family friends. Most of my friends know better than to ask, because they know that the question is redundant and that they will get a scowl in return. I’m not so fortunate with some family friends who insist on asking me and telling me that I should have lots of babies, though I’ve repeatedly said “no.” The tricky thing is, due to cultural reasons, I can’t very well tell them to shove it, no matter how annoying it is.

My dad is okay about the B-word, and respects my personal life and decisions, but he could not help himself recently when I told him that my brother- and sister-in-law just had a baby girl. With some (not much) self-restraint, he finally asked “so, when’s your turn?”

For my brother-in-law’s baby, I sent them some onesies that Linh and I made when she visited. We borrowed some ideas and created our own as well, and then I designed and edited the images on my Photoshop program. We printed the images on some transfers I had purchased to make sewn labels for my stuff. Because my BIL is a huge soccer fan, I made one to resemble a player’s jersey, with Barcelona’s logo in front and the last name on the back.

In addition to the cute and personalized onsies, I also knitted my new niece a pair of T-strap booties and a matching hat out of some yarn. I didn’t have enough of the right kind of buttons for the booties, so I improvised and put different buttons on each side.

Pattern: T-strap Baby Booties (my own) and Hat set
Yarn: 1 skein hand-painted fingering yarn, 50 %wool, 50 %silk (I purchased from a local yarn supplier that does not have a national or commercial label, nor does it carry this yarn anymore.)
Notes: I’m working on finalizing the pattern and trying it with other more commonly available yarns. I haven’t decided whether to post here or sell on my Etsy shop, but if you’re interested in it, email me and I’ll let you know when I’m done with it.

I wrapped the gifts in some tissue paper and tied it with a really cute farm animal ribbon. I still haven’t heard whether my BIL and his wife received or even like the gift. However, I’m sure they’re too busy with their first baby, all the dirty diapers, and trying desperately to catch up on sleep!

My mother- and father-in-law will be here sometime in August and through part of September. I don’t think I will be able to escape that dreaded question. Maybe they’ll be so excited about the new baby that they will forget to ask. Well…one can hope.

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A few days ago, I received a call from my friend Linh at the same time I was about to pick up the phone to let her know that I’d be sending her the baby booties she commissioned me to make as a gift for her pregnant sister-in-law. Her response? “Don’t bother sending them…I’ll pick them up in a few days.” Huh? She’s in the Windy City! As it turns out, she and her hubby decided to take a month-long road trip, with southern California as their primary destination. I love it when my good friends come for a visit.

Today, Linh and I dragged her hubby with us to a massive fabric store. Then I helped Linh, who has no sewing skills, execute a prototype for dressing a vase for a wedding she’s doing. There was lots of hammering and grommets too. Tomorrow, I will be “forcing” them to go to my knitting group with me for a little while so that we can get the yummy gelato made daily at a local cafe. Yum! Also, Linh will be offering her expertise and creativity to assist Aubrey in figuring out wedding florals for Aubrey’s pending nuptials.

In crafty news, I picked up my entrelac scarf/wrap again and am making steady progress (prev. post). I’ll have to remember to take a progress photo and post. I’m also nearly done with a swatch of the sunspots lace in Barbara Walker‘s 3rd Treasury for the Walker Treasury Project (WTP). The WTP is such a great idea, so I volunteered to do 4 pattern swatches for the WTP, but I haven’t even finished the first one. Kind of sad, isn’t it? In my defense (not a real defense, more like carelessness), I’ve had to undo many many rows as I worked the swatch. It’s definitely not something you can knit mindlessly. Well, volunteers get 3 months to finish their swatches anyway, so I have 2 more months to complete all the swatches. I also donated some stuff for the WTP contest. So if you are thinking about signing up to do some swatches, you should do it this month!

Today, I sold a couple of items, but it seems that my customers were having problems with PayPal. Weird. So, technically, I haven’t gotten paid yet. I also finally just got around to posting these fabric buttons in the shop. The purple flower one is from a genuine cotton batik I bought in Indonesia. The yellow flower one is from an Asian print fabric. I will be posting some needle cases later this week as well.

Project: Baby T-strap booties
Pattern: A modified mary jane
Yarn: Valley Yarns, Goshen in Ballet Pink; 48% Peruvian Cotton/46% Modal/6% Silk; 92yds/50g
Needles: US #6
Notions: 4 pretty little buttons.

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Oh Baby!

In a previous post, I mentioned that I taught my friend Ann, who was a star student, to knit. She knitted this baby hat for a friend as her very first project!! Bravo, Ann!

While I we were knitting, I managed to make a hat for her pudgy and adorable baby Josh out of yarn that I purchased on a mini yarn crawl at an LYS.

Josh is such an adorable baby!

Project: Josh’s Baby Hat
Pattern: My own take on the baby knot hat. I don’t recall exactly what I did, but I did about 4-5 rows of 2×2 rib, worked in St st for about 3 rows, then I repeated 1 purl and about 7 St st until it was time to decrease, ending on a purl round before rapidly decreasing to get that gathered look. The knot is an i-cord.
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca

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