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This morning, I picked up my friend Holly and we drove from our homes in North Orange County, California to Santa Clara for Stitches West. We made really good time and the weather seemed to cooperate with us until we were about 2 hours away from our destination, when a few rainstorms slowed us down. However, all and all, the drive was beautiful and we saw 2 rainbows, which I managed to capture while I drove.  Our total drive time was about 6 hours.



We went straight to the convention center for the preview market, only open to registered students. During the preview market, I was a guest at the Unwind booth (#1245), where they carry and showcase my patterns, including the full line of patterns from the Liberation collection. Unwind had all the samples worked up in Sweet Georgia yarn. I will do another guest appearance at the Unwind booth on Saturday from 10-12.


L to R: Laura (wearing Amelia Earhart), Stephanie (wearing Elizabeth Zimmermann) and Suzanne (wearing Barbara G. Walker) of Unwind (booth 1245 at stitches), a wonderful LYS in Burbank


My hat patterns worked up in Sweet Georgia yarn on display at the Unwind Yarn booth at Stitches West 2011. Left: Elizabeth Zimmermann cloche, Right: Alice Paul

In preparation for Stitches, I printed and sleeved several patterns for Unwind and Anzula (booth #840). Anzula is also selling several patterns from Liberation, but they are also selling kits of the hats. I’ll be a guest at Anzula’s booth tomorrow from 10-12, Saturday from 4-6 and Sunday from 10-11. I also made promo things, including these buttons:


I brought over 100 buttons, but I am quickly running out, especially "posse" with the black sheep. I didn't expect them to be so popular! The posse buttons were inspired by a joke with my friends that then somehow made it to some fun bantering with Benjamin of XRX on Twitter. Benjamin is now officially part of my posse and I have several witnesses to his induction! 😉 So, if you are at Stitches and want to be part of my posse, come find me to get a button before I totally run out!

Tomorrow promises to be even more stimulating and exciting. One of the events that I’m really looking forward to attending and participating in is the Pajama Party. There will be awesome door prizes! I had already planned to donate a special limited edition printing of the Liberation ebook and enough yarns for 2 hats, but then the gears in my head started turning and I thought how wonderful it would be if my friends at Unwind and Anzula joined me and we collectively contribute to make a even bigger prize. Also donating is another California based artist, Slipped Stitch Studios. (Anzula is based in Fresno, while Unwind, Slipped Stitch Studios and I are all based in Southern California.) This fabulous door prize is a great example of what you can accomplish when you and your friends put your heads together:

SW2011 pj party-AKL


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Call the Fashion Police!

In Southern California, the weather is kind of odd. We can have really warm 80-90 degree Farenheit weather during the day, but at night it can dip into the chilly 60s.  I’d like to use the excuse that I’m still not used to this weirdness because I’m originally from Houston, Texas.  However, I can’t and only have my own idiocy to blame.  I lived in the San Francisco Bay area for about 4 years and have been in SoCal for about 8 years now. That “not used to” excuse is totally unbelieveable.

Anyway, my knitting group met and sat outside on a patio this week. Knowing that it was a very likely possibility, do you think I prepared for a rapid evening cool-down? Of course not!  I only had a thin courduroy jacket on so I got really cold by about 8pm and so I dug through my car and came up with 1 glove, my orange Pfeiffer Falls and a large beach towel (a free promo my hubs got a while back). Isn’t that lovely .com embroidery fancy?

My friends thought I looked funny. So I took some self-portraits of this horrible knitting fashion faux-pas so y’all can have some laughs at my expense.

Torrance Fiber Festival, Part 2


I didn’t really purchase much and really wasn’t planning on purchasing. However, a lovely cone of 8/2 Tencel yarn in a lovely icy blue just kept calling my name.  And when I saw that Rebecca got Maria Erlbacher’s book, I knew that I had to go find and get one for myself.

My friend Cindi also posted some of her photos from the festival on Facebook, so I am posting those for your viewing pleasure. Thanks Cindi!!

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Yesterday, Cindi, Barbara, Neesie and I carpooled to the Torrance Fiber Festival where we met up with Amanda and Lydia, and our friends from San Deigo: Michelle, Rebecca, Kelie and several of their friends who all drove up for the event.

The fiber festival is rather small, but nonetheless it’s still a fiber fest and one of the few ones locally, and it’s still fun. Lots of yarns, fleeces, roving and gadgets were appropriately fondled and petted.

(click on images to enlarge)

Photos: Top row: Denise and Cindi shopping at one of the boothes; Row 2: Barbara with her effervescent smile; Village spinnery’s booth; Row 3: I got goofy and made them pose for a self-portrait; Rebecca, Michelle, Cindi, Denise and me; Row 5: Cindi; the sock on the left had tiny tiny stitches (I’m guessing it was knit on US 00 needles or smaller.)

We didn’t stay at the festival very long, but we all walked away with some small purchases.  I got a cone of 8/2 Tencel yarn in a lovely icy blue and Maria Erlbacher’s Twisted-Stitch Knitting book. I also ran into several other fiberistas that I know from a former knit/crochet/spin group (which I  haven’t attended in about 6 months) and a couple of other people with whom I’ve crossed paths.

With our stomachs growling, we all (13 of us) went to a yummy Japanese noodle shop and had giant bowls of piping hot ramen. We all nommed and slurped our way through a large portion of our respective bowls.  There were some burnt tongues too, but it was worth it.

Photos: We got silly at our end of the table and decided to take a picture with everyone wearing one of my Liberation hats, which I brought with me because I couldn’t decide which one to wear; Rebecca and Michelle looking so cute and adorable.

Barbara and Cindi took some other pictures, which I’m hoping they’ll upload and share soon, so I can steal some of them to post.  🙂

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I always have many things I intend to post, but for some reason or another, I always get behind and some things never get posted here.  So, today I’m playing a little catch-up and promised myself to post a few highlights of some of the long-over due things over the next few blog entries.

About 2 months ago, fabulous Jamie of “Jamie and Abraham” got stuck on a sock pattern that was weirdly written.  I showed Jamie how to do the “magic” provisional cast on as dubbed by Cat Bordhi.  The pattern he was working on seemed really weird and oddly written, but I wasn’t 100% sure since I really am no sock knitter.  However, after consulting with other people in the knitting group as well, we all concluded that the pattern construction was written in an odd manner, and not in the “odd but creative” or “odd but adds to the pattern” kind of way.

Many many months ago, Zona alerted me to an artist’s fair/sidewalk sale in August at The Camp and The Lab. They gave me a fantastic booth area in a pretty high traffic area.  There weren’t as many people as I had hoped, since I think people were getting ready for last minute school shopping. However, I fared pretty well compared to another fair I did that month.  My handpainted silk scarves and reversible headbands were a hit and everyone liked the hippie chicks.  Can’t say much about handknit stuff – but it was really really hot to be thinking about wool for most people! Of course wacky knitters think of wool 24/7.

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